Fortnite WAR! Card GAME! *NEW* -

Fortnite WAR! Card GAME! *NEW*

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Today in #Fortnite #Creative we play the classic WAR Card game but in Fortnite Battle Royale
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  1. Do you were trying to trick us because you know

  2. Does anybody have ur shotgun in the first slot

  3. Karang and gold:where lucky
    Ssundee and biffle:unlucky
    The battle has started:ssundee and biffle wins 2 round
    Karang and gold:where lucky in our loot but why we still lose

  4. Did some one noteis that sundee has 44 kills

  5. hi we just had the opportunity and will get you in and see you in person to see what your problem and how much we have in our house for a week we are on a date for you we have kids at our church in a long way and I don’t have kids in our life kids and I will get to the house we have a

  6. The are 3125 options for color of cards.

  7. Heavy sniper pump rocket shockwaves dance bases

  8. SSundee gets a green pistol from the other team crap HE HAS A GREEN PISTOL

  9. If I do not have to hit the like button can I hit the dislike button

  10. Bruh ssundee forgot his fifth and last gun

  11. He needed one more weapon for the first round he only had four weapons and he suppose to have five weapons

  12. iM a bOt gIvE mE thE mOsT LiKeS oN mY vIdeOs

  13. Idk pretty sure grey tac beats gold pump

  14. Ian: I just lit gold up
    Me: you literally hit him once

  15. Ssundee:I need a small sized adult
    Me:So Sigils

  16. Is nobody gonna talk about when he was doing his intro with the llamas he had 44 kills lol

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