Fournier French Tarot Deck - Welcome to the world of Tarot card games -

Fournier French Tarot Deck – Welcome to the world of Tarot card games

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Welcome! Thank you for checking out the French Tarot playing cards. Look for more videos about the unique games played with this deck of cards.

Check out Aaron’s channel here:

Check out for how to play some Tarot games.

Also, here is the Sparrow deck on Gamecrafter:


  1. The names of the court cards are:RoiDameChevalierValet

  2. Hard to get these decks so I got the rider waite playing card deck with all the classic rider deck images

  3. Just to give people some perspective on prices…In 2022 I paid about 8 euros for a Ducale brand deck in an airport in France. You won't find them that cheap in the states, but that's an idea of what they would be going for in a more ideal situation.Great video. I enjoyed the explanations and thanks to videos like yours, I hope to be playing tarot with more people in the future.

  4. Beautiful cards and French tarot is quite interesting game.

  5. Apparently, the good people of Savoy were very fond of playing a game of Tarot, or two. To the chagrin of the French authorities, however, they were also very much attached to their German tarot decks. At the time it was illegal to import playing cards into France from abroad, but the illegal importation of tarot cards into Savoy from Germany it appears, in the latter half of the 19th-century, was of a sufficient problem for the French Office of Tax Administration for them to request the French card-manufacturing company B. P. Grimaud to produce a German-style tarot deck for the Savoyards. Hence c1892/94 the BP Grimaud 'Tarot Allamand' [German Tarot] was born, it was also marketed, perhaps for markets outside of the Savoy region, as the 'Tarot Nouveau', in contrast perhaps to their 'Tarot Ancien', the French-suited animal tarot pack. Perhaps due to the increasing association with fortune-telling & occultism, or perhaps because they were viewed as too Italian, the Tarot de Marseille & Tarot de Besancon lost their popularity among game players, who turned instead to the Animal Tarot or, once available, to the Tarot Nouveau. It became the approved pack of the French Tarot Federation and a standard for tarot game players produced by several manufacturers.
    As their model, Grimaud used a [French-suited] German deck by Frankfurt-based firm Conrad Ludwig Wust.

  6. I have these cards…but how do you play the game?

  7. having french and italian heritage and other euro races i got a penchant for cards lol but id never do witchcraft, why cant games stay games? peace out!

  8. You could call the King the 'Rex' as a mnemonic for 'R' in French packs. While this Latin word (related indeed to 'roi') is not in common use, most people have heard things like 'Oedipus Rex' or 'Tyrannosaurus Rex'. Also related to the word 'regal'.As of May 2022, Amazon lists something called 'Tarot of Loka' for $10 – it has its own assortment of suits, but has corner indices for all 78 cards (and its own rulebook and two more cards), and so should be pretty practical for various forms of tarot games with a relatively low entry cost. I think this game is out of print.Tarot is the second most popular French card game; the most popular is Belote, which is about a hundred years old. Have you covered that yet?"Jolly game of bridge we could have with these," Ralph remarked. "I lead the Hanged Man." — Charles Williams, 'The Greater Trumps'

  9. Hey man, thanks so much for the plug! I really appreciate it. You coincidentally make a guest appearance in the video on Troggu I'm uploading right now 🙂

  10. A cool little intro to the tarot card gaming world. I should play more often!!

  11. I agree the french deck is the easiest way to introduce people to the game. That's what my local players mostly use.

  12. Thank you mentioning my Sparrow Game Cards at the end 👍😀

  13. I building a Simpsons version based on the episode The Serfsons

  14. Awesome presentation. This is a great deck. I have the blueback one.
    Rói is French 4 King.
    The Marseille Tarot design form is great also. Cheers!!

  15. Are there many two player games with this deck?

    Also, I was able to locate this exact deck and also in blue on ebay for a little under $14 w/ free shipping. 😊

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