Game of Trick Shots -

Game of Trick Shots

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This time we play a game of ping pong card game with trick shots!
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  1. Ребята, где русские субтитры??? 👍🏽

  2. Yall should do this more often but with harder trick shots!

  3. Challenge: Play a game to 11 where you can only score a point with a trick shot

  4. “I’ve been practicing my footwork…going to the fridge” 😂😂

  5. Anyone realize how Otto hit fair shots, and Emil hits hard feeds

  6. I seed Emil doing around the net shots.
    Now I can leave this world.

  7. Who likes watching the slomo in 0.25

  8. -360 Spin
    -No look
    -Eyes closed
    -Behind the back
    -Between the legs
    -Wrong handed
    -Penhold grip
    -Around the net from under the table

    Its complicated

  9. Asking Otto to do a around the net is like asking Micheal Jordan to play basketball

  10. Please can you make one more video on tennis…

  11. is it bad that emeil is better at side shots than I will ever be at ping pong :[

  12. I think Otto could do an around the net shot after he came out of a 1 year acoma better than I could do anytime

  13. Otto is just like me who always goes for crazy shots and who loves around the nets and is lefty we have all those similarities


  15. Ponfinity please find some h ot celebrities ( female,) and Play under there legs ..

  16. Hold up… is pen hold actually that bad? I use It for 95 % of my matches

  17. Can i practice ping pong without appropriate table plz tell

  18. I have been practising table tennis an I bet my hole family and I am nine

  19. mikka is goat and sensai and the other dude jk emil

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