GEM Protech Backpack Review! A Backpack for Card Games? -

GEM Protech Backpack Review! A Backpack for Card Games?

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GEM has attempted to create a backpack specifically with card game players in mind. Is this something that’s really necessary? Check out my review of the GEM Protech Backpack and find out!

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  1. I just got here from eat out Vegas, I didn't know you had a second channel for yugioh. That's cool!

  2. Do you get the boxes and the playmat when you buy it

  3. Wow. Talk about missing an opportunity… a friend and myself spoke about this like a year ago. Oh well, this seems nice.

  4. Wait…is that the banlist roulette table?

  5. Btw tcg gets ash blossom reprint as well in soulburner – a photo from an italian soulburner got published and there was an ash on the cover. Prices already dropping in europe on 😉

  6. this background music, was this actually a nyhmnim guest upload

  7. That's nifty and all but have you heard of the new Bandit Keith vest?

  8. Bought a t-shirt u sometimes wearing/ carrying! Wish me luck alexander.

  9. The subtitles say "what's going on guys, it's emo"

  10. Nice product.Yeah…Nice is not enough for 100 Bucks…

  11. 0:17 Uhm, pirate lab already had a backpack like this one, and also had a messanger bag option. This backpack is relatively cheaper then both those options. Also, ultimate guard also made their version of a backpack like this one as well.

  12. I'll just stick to the usual walmart plastic bags, only 10 cents and pretty durable.

  13. its out of stock already. rip getting one i guess

  14. I wanted to grab the bag but now it's out of stock T.T RIP ME

  15. What about the ultimate guard ammonite backpack, pretty sure its first if not i think there is a piratelab one

  16. Out of stock for a preorder? I'd like to get one but when will they get more?

  17. It's sad that reviews don't get a lot of views, since many of us enjoy this kind of content

  18. "Should you buy GEM protech Backpack ?"

  19. I was actually recently looking for a bag with a lock, good review

  20. More reviews! You're the TCC Professor of Yu-Gi-Oh

  21. I am so getting this bag! What I love about this bag is that it's designed for the security of the players as well. This bag almost completely ensures that thieves don't get a simple snatch and grab and will probably be caught if they are trying to steal your stuff during a match.

  22. Card games are serious business. You don't just need the cards. You need the sleeves, the binders, the deckboxes, the backpack, the mat, the gloves, the glasses, the magnifying glass, the microscope, the car, the house.

    If you don't have all that shit, then you're not a real card game fan.

  23. Cimo it is the 25th Cimo I cannot find the backpack on website😵

  24. Not the first ever card carrying backpack but it IS cheaper so I dig it lol

  25. Didnt view this to see you!! Stop talking so much and show off the bag.

  26. plz do a review on the ultimate guard backpack. i, and im sure a few others would love to hear your thoughts

  27. I would absolutely love this backpack, if only it weren't "Out of Stock" for the past half a year. :/

  28. Unfortunately this backpack has been out of stock for a while. Wanted to get my son this bag for Xmas.

  29. Bet he ends the video by saying just buy singles

  30. you in trouble, we know the code to get into your goods now.

  31. Anyone know where you can buy this nowadays? Didn’t see this style on their website nor on Amazon…

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