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[Genshin Impact] card games in Sumeru are insane (animatic)

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Deleted cutscene from Al Haitham trailer/j

credits to @childeology on Twitter for this idea
original meme:

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  1. THIS 😭🤣 why did i get a feeling that this is what really r they doing in a free time 🤣

  2. The fact I literally just watched another animatic with the exact same premise with the roles being the exact same is sending me

  3. The expressions in this are gold sldfjdsklfj

  4. Considering Kaveh is a dendro, him saying "I don't have a green" is funnier to me. Kaveh's the type who wouldn't get the elemental die he wanted.

  5. This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen.
    Alhaitham calmly uno reversing Kaveh
    Kaveh losing his mind
    Cyno and Tighnari laughing in the distance
    I LOVE IT. ❤❤❤

  6. The second I heard the audio I knew Kaveh was going to be the one freaking out 😂

  7. It's more than clear. This scene occurs after Tighnari had 15 drinks, Cyno 20 and Kaveh 40!!
    I don't know about you, but I think it's very obvious that everyone (except Alhaitham) is very drunk XDDDDD!!
    Tighnari and Cyno are not usually so smiling and don't even mention Kaveh's impulsive and hyperactive behaviors (which let's see, we are already told that he is someone very impulsive, now consider the fact that both in the trailer and at the end of Alhaitham's mission we are given to understand that he loves to get drunk). It is very obvious that he would like to go to Mondstadt (if he has not already been) and try the best wine there, as well as visit the most famous taverns such as the Cat's Tail and the Angel's Share.

  8. I bet Cyno bought these cards to mess with Alhaitham but it's just all of them bullying Kaveh 🤣🤣😭😭😭

  9. I'm living for all the animatics of this. Thank you! Now if Kaveh's VA could just get a greenlit for the reveal. CyYu can host this madness 🤣

  10. i actually can't stop watching this, it's pure serotonin

  11. This is why I need all their four voice actors to stream together, this is also why we need more co op events similar to windtrace




  14. and that's the story of how they got kicked out of the tavern for the third time that week

  15. Alhaitham putting down the reverse card with a straight face is so in-character lmaooo. Like it's within the rules of the game, the goal is to win, so logically he should put down the reverse card, completely ignorant of Kaveh dying. And Tighnari shaking his head at him is perfect. The audio fits them so well and I love the way you drew them 😆😆

  16. I bet Alhaitham be like: "that's the only green card that I have, Kaveh. stop fussing over and continue" in the most straight face possible XD

  17. Just got an ad from Genshin that was litterly from the video this was based off of and I love that.

  18. The fact Kaveh has a Dendro vision must hurt more lol

  19. lmao he did the fischl table flip

  20. For context: they are playing Uno and I legit understood Kaveh's pain 😂😂

  21. first this canon, secondly, it's literally me with my classmates.

  22. Kaveh is cute when he saw The green card so I guess

  23. Ah yes, the "pull until you get one" version of uno… so much fun

  24. The amount of animations of alhaitham with this sound I’ve seen after his demo is ASTRONOMICAL

  25. This is canon and no one can tell me otherwise

  26. Seeing Haitham doing this so calmly with the most deadpan expression on his face as everyone else loses their goddamn minds is the funniest shit ever and heightens the experience of this meme, thank you for this. Genuinely one of my favorite batch of characters because of their contrasting personalities and expressions.

  27. The secret Ending in Al haitham Demo Trailer

    The Secret Ending :


  29. Fuck this, someone wake me up once Kaveh is a playable character because I'm not playing until I see him being playable /hj

  30. I mean… You're not wrong… Even Cyno's VA said that he wish he could do this once

    Edit: well… shit

  31. 10 minutes after the Alhaitham trailer filming

  32. i have seen hundreds of versions of them as this audio, and i love how in every single one, it's kaveh receiving the short end of the stick

  33. Some say Kaveh is still looking for that green card to this day, lmaoo.

  34. I am laughing non-stop cuz this is accurate and relatable. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best times playing uno. I wish I could play it with my friends again.

    What I can't get over is Kaveh screaming at that last scene. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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