Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights -

Giants vs. Packers | NFL Wild Card Game Highlights

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues his incredible hot streak, as he leads his team to their seventh consecutive victory with a 38-13 victory over the New York Giants.

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  1. It was the second time that giants and the Packers did the playoffs like back in 2008

  2. Alright offense show up tonight
    Offense: no

  3. Eli deserved better than this, put a bunch of bums around him toward the end of his career. In his prime Eli could of been on any team, he blessed the Giants by staying his whole career.

  4. the Giants are 13-44 since taking the boat picture

  5. The one guy who caught a touchdown wasn't on the boat. Coincidence? I think not.

  6. Honestly out of this entire video that dude not picking up the ball right in front of him pissed me off the most.

  7. Eli was terrible in the regular season but when it came postseason he was a completely different qb

  8. Till this day I get sick to my stomach, I watch the first drops and I turn it off in pain, scariest game in New York giant history

  9. The only time since Eli won those Super Bowls that this giants team was decent

  10. 1% of comments: that was a great game for the packers!
    99% of comment: B O A T

  11. Not 1. Those bumbs dropped 2 touchdowns on the first drive. UnF!?%€believable.
    ( along with many other drops) if they go up 13-0 we may have an entire different outcome to the game and finish to Eli's career

  12. Can fox bring these scoreboards back? Gives me mad memories

  13. 7:19 that giants player trying to hype up the away crowd….

  14. Seeing the hit on Jordy nelson hurts me inside. 😭

  15. I just wanted to remember Ole Blow Job's(OBJ) role in denying Eli "Two Times" being denied the chance to be Eli "Three Times". NYG NEVER would have got smoked by Atlanta. Odell Cornelious Beckham set the New York Football Giants back irrevocably from this game forward. No Clown coach from Phonydelphia will fix the culture. It will take another "Jersey" man to do it. GEAUX TIGERS!

  16. Whos here that’s a giants fan in 2021 looking back at our last good season


  18. Playoff Eli showed up. Just unlucky for him the recievers showed up too

  19. It's 2021 and the Giants still haven't recovered from this game

  20. I was watching an analysis of Eli. When he threw to OBJ, he had a passer rating of 111. When throwing to everyone else, it was about 79. OBJ made Eli relevant when he (Eli) really wasn't that good.

  21. Even if there were two dropped TDs passes, that is still a17 point loss (+14 points for TDs, -6 for the FGs that actually happened) Stop acting like they were game changers.

  22. In the Hail Mary I like how Cobb just pushes the cb

  23. Eli, Giants defense, and Tavarres King aware the only ones that showed up to this game.

  24. Playoff Eli was in full effect if these bums was catching super bowl the defense was playing on another level

  25. every time that i think of this game i want to off myself

  26. Randomly in my recommendation but playoff Eli was on another level. All those dropped passes. They should of won this game

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