GIVEAWAY - Target Game | How to Play | Family Card Game // Chai & Games -

GIVEAWAY – Target Game | How to Play | Family Card Game // Chai & Games

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Target is a fast and fun, estimation based card game, for the entire family! In this video we explain how to play this game.

Game Name: Target
Players: 4-8
Age: 12+
Time: 15-30 mins
Publisher: Ingenious Games

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About Target // 00:00
Setup & Terms // 00:43
Score Keeper (Setup & Terms) // 01:09
Dealer (Setup & Terms) // 02:35
Cut Colour (Setup & Terms) // 03:19
Wild Cards (Setup & Terms ) // 03:48
What is a Set? (Setup & Terms) // 04:04
What is a Target? (Setup & Terms) // 04:31
Dealing Cards (Game Flow) // 04:58
Setting Targets (Game Flow) // 05:27
Playing Cards (Game Flow) // 06:56
Highest Value (Game Flow) // 07:53
Game Flow // 09:37
Scoring // 09:59
End of Game // 11:20
Giveaway // 11:48

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  1. Hi mam i have 10 number and a wheel but i don't know will next number so how to find next number

  2. Her hair color 😂😂 changes in every episode

  3. I like it because it's like uno and uno is my favourite game…. 😁😁 Ig- cool_moksh_op

  4. how to play jaypur in hindi banao na di di

  5. Can i get this gice away plssssssssss
    I love games such like these
    Its awesom
    Thanks for letting us know about these awesome hidden games! !
    Fan from uae dubai

  6. Please upload more videos, I really love your content and not gonna lie I just ordered bharata_600_BC , jenga , dobble , Taco_cat_goat_cheese_pizza and many more cards game which you guys suggested. Your content is so wholesome and tbh very few people are making video about it so…. Thanks for your videos 🙂

    Edit : i didn't knew there was a giveaway! Well I loved the machanism of this game and it felt like a really enjoyable game and lastly why I deserve this …. Ab papa aur games nahi dilayenge ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ phale hi bhot kharcha karwa diya hai unka And I also love anime 😂
    Also I've successfully followed you as well as ingeniousgames on insta, liked this video, subscribed this channel 🙂
    Insta ID – @perverted_indian_otaku

  7. This game would be perfect for our game nights! Is it only available in India?

  8. I liked the game as it's similar to judgement which I have played for years & I wanna see how different it is from it. As their is a wild card set. Which changes the game completely…

    Making it more unpredictable…

    Instagram Handle:

  9. I like the game of the rule the target . Super game

  10. Can you guys make a video on blood on the clocktower?

  11. abe ye toh woh hai,,, 2 3 5 wala,, cards mai ek color SIR ban jata hai..aur uss color se cut karenge to woh pura unka,,

  12. I really liked the target game concept 😊

  13. Nice explaination with chapters and your channel desrve more subscribers its worth

  14. This is black queen converted into a game. It can be played bu normal playing cards.

  15. This game is very interesting and also very easy to carry in picnics, parties and train journeys!

  16. Are all targets written before each round or before the first round itself

  17. Hey Astha, I really liked the demo you have posted. I really liked the game as it was complex and simple altogether in its own way. It really intrigued me as it was very portable but due to the number of rules, makes the game fun at any place and with any family or friend.

  18. Isko to local bhasa ne lakadi game kahte hai tash ki patti se bhi ho jata hai hath banane oar

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