Guess the card win the card AND PACKS - #mtg #tradingcardgame #mtgcommander -

Guess the card win the card AND PACKS – #mtg #tradingcardgame #mtgcommander

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  1. Always switch to rarity I think if you know colour, and the cmc and the rest.

  2. I have that exact printimg of that card. The graveborn dexk it came in was such a fun deck.

  3. I've never even heard of it or seen it played

  4. I wouldn't ques exhume, because the name isn't easy to remember. Because lighting bolt, shock and incinerate, magma jet, it's hard to even call an red instant that deals damage.

  5. The worst part is even if he guessed black sorcery that reanimates something thats so many cards lmao and exhume is such an uncommon one of em that i only know if from finding it yesterday

  6. 2 mana reanimation spell. Literally the first card you think of is exhume because animate dead is an enchantment

  7. The old reliable non-commander reanimation combo, Dark Ritual, Entomb, Exhume.

  8. This is one of the cards I always forget the name of. The other card is Thought Scour. For some reason, the names of these cards don't stick in my head like 99.99% of the other cards I know.

  9. Destroy is a permanent? What did you smoke?

  10. This one's tough, I wouldn't have really thought of it either

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