GWENT | Peek Opponent's Cards And Play Them Better | Double Cross Assimilate 11.5 Still Enjoyable -

GWENT | Peek Opponent’s Cards And Play Them Better | Double Cross Assimilate 11.5 Still Enjoyable

Dosen Casual Gamer
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Usually just pass at 7 after playing Torres and Calveit.. Then defend the bleed and win the short round 3. Unless We saw some opportunity to catchup the points on red in round 1, we may keep playing to win round 1.

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0:00 Intro
0:03 Deck List
0:07 Some Meme
0:13 vs NG Enslave 6 (Close Battle)
12:34 vs NR Royal Inspiration 1
23:35 vs SK New Pirate Nekker
33:40 vs NR Royal Inspiration 2

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  1. Nilf mirror was really epic game that І never ever seen before!

  2. I have enough of the cards to make an assimilate deck. I misplaYED AND STILL beat NR KNIGHTSNILF-GAARD

  3. My favorite deck in this game, good play.

  4. 45:05 guy forfeited when saw that 36p igni in back row is not working now because of knight😂

  5. Wow that 1 point difference in R1!

  6. Angouleme is either the best or the worst card in the game based on opponents deck but when you finally get to copy their scenario oh boy it feels fking good.

  7. coup diganti heatwave apakah worth it pak dosen?

  8. Hey Dosen can you do rot tosser meme deck, would be really fun to play

  9. My enslave 6 deck(mine play like an actual Assimilate deck but using a different leader with a more oppressive approach because of this control heavy meta) can somewhat play around your deck if we ever face off a mirror match because of Anna Henrietta and Braathen. No vigo tho because I don't have runemage(also protection against mirror torres).

  10. Game 1 to many skip, i lost track of what u and ur opponent playing, have to keep rewinding

  11. Great video as always from thw assimilate master.

    Dosen, any advice for facing SK Rain? It's so hard even if I squirrel his Rioghan early

  12. I would name you to become Emperor of our great Empire

  13. Assimilate mirror matchups are always so wierd with the terranova spam stuff

  14. Sudah saya pantau kapan video assimilate keluar 😂

  15. That first game was SO CLOSE. well played I enjoyed watching that one

  16. Assimilation is actually the most toxic deck in the game. With torres, angouleme and few other cards you cannot play around stealing your cards. Also, with the "non-neutral" change, means I literally cannot play fucusya and cannot keep it in hand… It will be stolen anyway.

  17. That first game when we was being greedy about one point instead of killing off the engine. Ended up being worth a lot more than one point, it cost him the game. Great plays!

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