GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Cinematic Trailer -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Cinematic Trailer

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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Public Beta is now live! Play free now at !

From the creators of The Witcher series of games, developer CD PROJEKT RED, comes a different type of collectible card game. Based on skill rather than luck, GWENT encourages use of strategy and deception to defeat your opponents.

Command highly customizable armies, sling powerful spells, and summon mighty heroes with game-changing abilities.

Played in a best of three format, GWENT is fast, fun and fresh — and now you can play it with friends!



  1. Thank god that whole open world mini game part of gwent was getting boring

  2. I love witcher 3 so much. And I love the tcg gwent. remember folks if your suffering from heartbreak loss of a loved one or you just want to unwind. Just play a round of gwent. solves all problems lol

  3. I'd like to see similar scene like this in the series.

  4. I got some issues, Yennefer is a ranged not siege(also would’ve brought back another card) and that was definitely not Chris voice actor

  5. Francisco Javier Montecinos Cardinali says:

    Why do people play Magic Arena or Hearthstone when there is Gwent?

  6. Imagine those nilfgardians saying smth like: Nah fck orders! Ima play next against the winner with doubled stakes

  7. I terribly miss this old original gwent..not that stupid homecoming..

  8. I don't understand why they turned "gwint" into "gwent".

  9. Those Nilfgaardians…tsk tsk, no manners. Didnt even stay for tea…

  10. In the thumbnail, ciri looks like a blond eva green

  11. Did Nif soldiers try to murder their queen? Or they are visualization of spy cards?

  12. Finding Ciri and saveing the world < Finding all Gwent cards and becomeing the master of Gwent

  13. I imagine this is how Witcher 4 graphics should look like. I’d buy a RTX 2080 Ti just to play it.

  14. OK so…why did the nilfgardians attack their princess?

  15. Funny story. Just because I feel like sharing.
    I actually met my best friend jack from this game.
    It was a free period in high school i was reading a last wish (Witcher book) and he just said out loud "ANYONE FANCY A GAME OF GWENT" and no one in class knew what the hell he said and everyone looked at him and said "what are you on about" and I was the only one who knew what he was talking about and I pulled out my deck from my bag and lifted them in the air and said in my Geralt impression "Fancy a game of Gwent" and he said "ah. A man of good taste. Play your deck my good man" and they game lasted freaking ages with everyone circling the table to see just what we were on about and we kept playing till the bell rang and ever since then we've been BFF's and even people in class room asked what the game was and me and him explained thoroughly everything like. "It was game called Gwent inside of a game called The Witcher 3 wild Hunt." And next thing we know it. The game grew through my entire school, and even a student made Gwent Club (where we duel in a large empty room) formed by me and jack and a couple of other lovers during another free period, and even host a few Gwent tournaments on last days of term as those days have nothing going on in, breaks and dinner. (Even a few teachers got interested in the game)

    There are a total of 30 members in my Gwent club and even people to this day are trying to join. I am one of the best Gwent duelist in my school and that has made me very well known by many. Gwent has changed my life.

  16. Cdpr : so, what's next for witcher series?
    Geralt slowly moves forward from the shadow : how about a round of gwent?
    Cdpr : *nods*

  17. Wow what a great game trailer. The card animation in the actual game are also great

  18. I do not like gwent but this is a badass trailer.

  19. How dare Nilfgaardians attack her royal Highness Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Heiress to the throne of Cintra, Heiress to Inis Ard Skellig and Inis An Skellig, Princess of Brugge, Duchess of Sodden, Suzerain of Attre and Abb Yarra

  20. Let's be 100% real, we ALL wish a Gwent deck existed in real life. Comment here your favored deck.

    Before it was the Northern Realms, now it's the Skellige Deck.

  21. tbh i liked the witcher 3 version of the game more

  22. Trailer was done when game was really good, now it sux so hard

  23. Ye boooi, guess now its gonna get superhyped. After android release 😀

  24. Nilfgaardian walks in: Get out or die witcher!
    Geralt: Care for a round of Gwent?
    Nilfgaardian: nods silently

    Extra Axii dialogue : Be good boys and buy us a drink.

  25. Just dropped on android yesterday. Oooooooooo yuh 🤤🥴

  26. I like more the gwent style in the witcher 3.

  27. That soundtrack though, neither rock nor country, BEST MUSIC I'VE EVER HEARD!!!

  28. Wtf just burned his Gwent card collection

    Blood was spilt in his quest to acquire some of those cards

  29. Geralt should use the Triss card… and Ciri after that the Yennefer's one ;P

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