GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | How to Play

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Watch the official guide for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game — a free to play strategy card game!
In GWENT, players from all around the world clash in fast-paced duels that combine bluffing, careful deck constructions and on-the-fly decision making.

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GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is coming out of beta on October 23rd, following the launch of the Homecoming update. The launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game will follow December 4th.



  1. Now it's coming to android, i hope the game's good 🙂

  2. Who else is here because the android version is about to come out?

  3. Annnnd I'm completely confused. Maybe I need to watch some games or something. On the Gwent game I downloaded you can't get 10 cards, you can only start with 3 and you don't get to choose them, they're drawn at random. THIS IS MAKING NO BLOODY SENSE

  4. .why i cant Download? its says "device not compatible in this version"

  5. I know it's off topic a little but has there been any word on the card game for cyberpunk 2077? Just curious not being critical I love gwent!!!!

  6. There’s no In game tutorial and this video doesn’t explain anything, I am clueless

  7. Daam i have been playing this game everyday since it came out, its so much fun and so far no unfair BS like other pay to win titles.

    Thanks so much CDPR ^_^

  8. Does it has single player campaign, or is a skirmish mode?

  9. I swear, I always love the way CD Project Red presents games

  10. Just can't get the hang of it, must b thick as shite! U installing unfortunately really don't want to

  11. I just don’t get it, so confusing and this one guy in Witcher 3 is unstoppable

  12. Is this an advertising or a How to play? Because I still don't know how to play.
    Looks interesting though.

  13. Some of these cards are came from the character of lord of the ring

  14. Been playing this for a few days now its pretty good 👍🏻

  15. Sorry CD Projekt RED … but Classic Witcher GWENT is much better … this is …. not gwent .. i never play that .

  16. I’m the only one who enjoy more the simplicity of the Witcher’s 3 card game?

  17. Very addicting iOS game but I can’t seem to use the strategic withdrawal tactics

  18. Each row is limited to 9 cards btw. 😐 (learned that the hard way)

  19. very different on witcher 3 gwent but imma try it

  20. this game is great. CDPR you are freakin awesome. I wasnt into gwent while I played W3 the wild hunt, I played some innkeeps now I am hooked and can't stop.
    the standalone gwent is truly something. the ingame W3 gwent is very good and is much simpler that the standalone gwent I love both

  21. Watched this vid twice and still don't understand anything

  22. I am addicted to this game! 🙌🏼🥰 I wonder if there’s actual physical Witcher cards so u can play in person! I mean there’d be hella math goin on….😂
    buuuut would be fun non the less playin with friends and/or family… especially bein that u can’t rematch and r limited 1 play per person. Unless I’m wrong about that part?? 🤷‍♀️

  23. Still didn’t show me “how to play”. Lol

  24. I realy likes the minigame in witcher 3 but this one has nothing to do with that. Uninstalled after 20 minutes. But well, i'm happy that so many actualy like this game. Just dont expect anything that resembles the witcher 3 minigame

  25. So many people saying that they don't understand the rules after watching this video. It's really simple, and the narrator explained it perfectly well.

  26. So sad (to me) that they decided to only have the close combat and ranged rows and left out the siege…
    I mean, I absolutely love Gwent, the mini game in The Witcher 3, so in my opinion this standalone version, as magnificent as it is, lacks the complete combat-play without siege… 🙁

  27. Didn't help at all still stuck at menu screen

  28. I learnt nothing from this "tutorial".

  29. Well this video isn’t really helpful at all…

  30. I'm sorry, what did that actually teach? This was too floaty and confusing to be any help.

  31. This video was linked from 'game rules' in the game. WTF. Do you even know what rules are? "With you cards in hand, you'll then need to think on your feet, bluff, and craft devious combos and strategies to outplay your opponent." HOW?!?! Seriously, this is utterly useless garbage as a set of instructions.

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