GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Journey Launch Trailer -

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Journey Launch Trailer

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  1. Looks nice but Legends of Runeterra happened. And I will never go back to gwent I am afraid. Sorry CDPR, but don't worry, I'll be in for Cyberpunk 2077 in September!

  2. Honestly I thought it was single player I was a little disappointed lol

  3. AWESOME!!! Shut up! And Take my money!!!

  4. Finally, what every Gwent player wants, a cosmetic battlepass.

  5. Thank you for season pass, this game is trash now

  6. Looks fun, but I only play on console so I couldn't pay for this even if I wanted to.

  7. paid-only battle pass in gwent? im dropping the game

  8. Volta da dublagem PT BR quando? Espero que no processo de dublagem brasileira do CP 2077 refaçam as falas no Gwent.

  9. This is like what rocket league is doing and it's just great.

  10. You can equip the professor's glasses? Yeeeeeah

  11. This is cool and all but the fact that theyre pulling the game out of ps4 is just unacceptable

  12. That's really cool for new players and returning players. However, not a fan of the display of rewards. The trees we already have to spend rewards look better IMO. It doesn't feel that much as a journey tbh but looking forward the next weeks to see my Geralt grow 🙂

  13. Higher Prestige Levels are changed, no boost at meteroite powder or guaranteed premium card anymore. Why this in not mentioned in the patch notes? This is a huge nerf as player only slowly move into this prestige levels.

    Without daily crownes how to finish quest from 2019 season where it necessary to finish them?

    Thank you, now i need for more pay for points right (Daily was better).


  14. Oh, guys, make card borders scinnable or make them more neat at least! They are so ugly. The game is too dirty and dark.

  15. I played lastnite and haven't seen that anywhere in my game

  16. You know I honestly would have prefered just normal Gwent, like in Witcher 3. Low spec, so it runs well on mobile and just card updates with bios for each card to tell the story of them. having an avatar in a card game is just wasted resources and takes away from the immersive experience.

  17. Hello, i need help because i was trying to copy my Gwent data from PS4 to Android but the web page show that the i has to match the requested format on the console GWENT Support ID, and i can't pass to the next part, someone that can know how to resolve or fix this?

  18. Yay battle pass. That’s so fun and not over used.

  19. Just brought “Premium” yesterday and I must say, I spend hours in Gwent and I was shocked for 70% of my opposing side has already premium access (Ursine, Manticore…..). Many players are supporting “Gwent” so far to my knowledge. CdProjekt Red has thrived again with Gwent this time!

  20. Y’all ruined this game for by pulling off ps4. And now when I play on my iPhone I get internet connection problems when there are nun. Y’all make me lose in area because of that. I have good WiFi but I can not play on my WiFi when playing gwent. I have to turn it off and sometimes still it ruins the match for me. Making me lose.

  21. And somehow this game is still not on Steam.. Been waiting for the past 2 years, even Thronebreaker is on Steam already

  22. now that foltest, emhyr, eredin…. are just skins, can you them as cards pls? is it too much?

  23. Hello I'm new player here. This very GREAT Card Game. I enjoy it. I wanna share my Card deck, but I can't find the share deck. Where is it? I play with Android

  24. The game is so laggy,I crushed 4 times in 2 hours today and the music is sometimes breaking.Also why can't I transmute or mill the first cards the game gives me?So I can pay 100 bucks for kegs??Hahahahaha cdpr hahahaha

  25. Anyway, where are you guys now in journey? Hahah

  26. Piece of shit company. Go fuckyourselves shitters

  27. THIS is how to use the Season Pass system well! By giving your players an incentive to keep coming back to play, and making the grind actually enjoyable

  28. Czemu to jest w angielskim dablinguuu!??!!???!!!!?!!! To jest POLSKA gra!!!!!!

  29. How do i get this skin or was it a one time thing

  30. LOL at the old lady's frying pan as weapon, an inside joke at this point.

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