GWENT: The Witcher Card Game
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Burza and Vlad go over the future of GWENT!


  1. Gwent is Done 1 More Year And Its Over..Shut Down🤔💭Wonder Why🤭..Marvel Snap 4 Ever…Dont Believe Me Look It Up..🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣….Impressive Point….I'm 😴🥱😴😴ing😴4 Real Now 😴😴😴🛌💤💤💤💤💤💤..Gwent is Over…🕳🕳🕳RIP⚰⚱☠🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳🕳👇💣💣💣💣💣⚰⚰🕳🕳💤💤..SUCKER 🍭..🃏🃏♣️♠️♥️♣️♠️🃏🃏🃏🃏😅🤣

  2. Откройте для белорусских и русских игроков платный внутриигровой контент , и не будьте ноищими тёлками, идущими на поводу у политики, игры должны быть вне ее, не режте гусыню несущую залотые яйца, или у вас уже и своих то не осталась, Гвинет это крутая карточная игра!

  3. I think problem with Gwent is, game is to complicated & learning curve is steep, games are long (10-15 mins +) for it have a mass appeal..

  4. i never played the game again since geralt yrden nerf….no fun

  5. Giving the players the engagement tools sounds like a really cool idea! Imagine if Gwent became a User Generated content Game! Sheesh! That's insane!

  6. Ну а чего ожидать было, если вы тестировали одну игру, а на релизе показали СОВЕРШЕННО другую игру? И с каждым разом все страннее и страннее, без чувства, куда должна развиваться игра. Press F гвинту, жаль что над ним работали фашистолюбы из ЦД

  7. Cheer up guys. It is not the end of the world.
    Constantly forcing new content to the game can be as bad as prolonging tv series.

    The most epic tv series are those which ended, when they were ended.

    If the game is complete, then there is no need to add more stuff. There is multiple, very successful games, which do not add any more new content.
    Slay the spire, or ….. Chess. Chess didn't received any "balance" for like 300 years and it is a very good game lol.

    It will be troublesome for content creators, because they will simply lack new things to make content around them.

    But let's be honest. Why we play Gwent, not other CCGs.
    We play Gwent because it is competetive, because you don't have to pray for good top decks. Because game is skill based, and we just want to compete. And this things will not end. You can still play and compete.

    Look at chess. Chess has very many enjoyers despite not having new content.

    For me personally, it doesn't seem like a big deal. Tbh i am often annoyed by balance changes or card drops, because I have to learn new meta. And I just wanna play, use skill and knowledge i earned in current patch, without being forced to learn meta again.

    So. We should not be pessimistic. If the game is complete, then it is complete. Future, forced changes would ruin it. Just like prolonging tv series, can be deadly for it.
    I will for sure continue to enjoy the game.

    Thank you, CDPR for delivering this amazing game. Thank you for all your passion and hard work. I wish all the best for you.

  8. I loved the witcher 3 so much and tried getting in to gwent as soon as they announced the stand alone game, signed up for the early access/beta but never got a key for the game until it went on official release. Thanks for everything and will try to support the game as much as I can.

  9. Gwent the best card game ever it will be stable as always who one got Tired from game just go men get out dont come and say the game is dead are… just go.

    all the content creators said Gwent will be dead and i want to play snap shit just shut up and go games are for enjoy not money you got enough money from making videos in youtube than u came and say in 2024 is no more world master so good bye WTF? go f.uc urself
    I love the game its part of my life and i never leave it all the old and new players who enjoy the game are like me so? THE END

    Gwent is love.

  10. the most beautiful card game is dead and games as aberrant as MS are breaking it, AMAZING, DO NOT DIE GWENT.

  11. I thought support already was shut down for this game.

  12. This game was and is unbelievable good. I enjoy everytime I log into the game. Been here since the beginning and will stay till the end, but I didn't expect it to be so soon!

  13. Well, very sad news. It was the best game for me and for many other people. Please, keep it alive.

  14. So sad news… I can't believed yet that Gwent is gonna be over. Suach a great game, art style, unique gameplay… fair with players… really I fell that it is a great lost

  15. So ..will servers shut down in 2024 Or will we able to play 🙁

  16. You're destroy the perfect game, make nobody wanted Homecoming. And now you have decided to throw it completely, ingenious marketing.

  17. You fucktards. I feel scammed. The game looked alive and well and ammount of things you produced looked like something for a real, living product. So I bought tons of cool cosmetics, boards, cards with premium, skins, sounds, etc, etc and now from 2024 it's all going to trash. I wanted to use it, to be happy with my purchases for years and years to come, not 18 months in my case. You surerly knew for a year that you will do this shit with maitnance mode and kill your game, you shoudl tell us sooner, I wouldn't spend like 200 dollars on your product. You've scammed me, bastard scammers, morons, polskie kurwy złodziejskie.

  18. Thank you so much for making a game which is very means and favor to me. I will continue to play the game.

  19. not Christmas present i wish for,sad news

  20. I gonna play as every day would be last since now.

  21. Huge thanks for everyone involved in creating and maintaining GWENT. Although I started playing last month, it's been 16 years dedicated to playing and competing in a variety of card games and GWENT made me feel like a teenager all again, discovering an awesome universe with a wholesome community and, well, one of the most unique, beautiful and economically fair card games ever. I've heard the dev teams there aren't big, but they're very passionate about this game, so, I'd like to thank you guys, every single person who participated in this, for triggering a spark that will keep the flame of a young soul still burning alive in discoveries and challenges.

    Much, much love from Brazil,
    Thank you!

  22. This is great game. I think CDPR don't want to develope game. It is real reason. Lack of marketing, lack of things to do for old players, lack of point to play ranked games.

    I think game would earn more money if:

    1) They combine marketing with Netflix Witcher
    2) Add more things to farm for powder for old players
    3) Sell paid boosters to account to quicker lvl up account
    4) Add another 10 levels or no maximum cap
    5) Add more journeys
    6) Add paid songs, voices
    7) Do proper campains like Saovine in beta. Not stupid rouge mage, or Thronebreaker
    8) Make cheaper tables, cosmetics. Current prices, are simply too expensive.

    There is a lot to do, but they simply don't want anymore. I think maitanance mode is like one year before. Since they wanted to earn again on older journeys.

    Too bad. I loved this game.

  23. My guess would be 4 cards of each crafting cost (c,r,e,l) per faction in April. 1 each: common, rare, epic, 3x legendary per faction in July, then all 12 cards (2x per faction) legendary in September just like sacred and profane drop was 100% legendary crafting cost. So crafting cost estimates coming in 6600, 16260, and 9600. 32k and change meteor powder get you full premium. Maybe the July drop will have neutrals with lower cost instead of faction legendary's. Looking forward to finding out.

  24. I have been playing Gwent since closed Beta. I still remember how happy and excited I was when I heard that a stand alone game was in the works. Then the day I was accepted to play the closed beta. This game means so much to me. I have been a gamer since ATARI 2600 and I have my favorite games and then I have that list of games that very few get on. You know what list I am talking about, every true gamer has a list of games that meant so much to them that when the day came when you had to put it down or stop playing it… you felt a huge void left behind. A void you know no game will be able to fill quite like the one you just retired.

    Gwent is one of those games for me.

    I knew this day would eventually come, I just didn't expect it so soon, or I had hoped that maybe the game would grow so large it couldn't die. I am seriously bummed hearing about this. I truly hope the game lives on forever and hopefully makes a resurgence at some point in the future. Until then like Martin Lawrence said "I'm gonna ride this mofo till the wheels fall off!!!"

  25. I was wondering when the… best word to use… Decline (maybe…?) was going to happen. Don't get me wrong – I like the Witcher games and Gwent and played it on PS4 open Beta. Possible CDPR management issues removed from the equation – Gwent is based on an IP that is an authors property. The author and CDPR have had a strange relationship in recent years and the author is not making content for them specifically. Unlike… MTG for instance, where the IP is wholly owned by the game company and they can makeup / develop anything for their game, the Gwent team is somewhat limited. Not knowing what the contractual obligations are to the author, this could be a reason why card creation will be hitting a wall. You can only develop so many cards based on a closed (semi-closed?) source.

  26. Followed news since announcement, played since open beta. Liked the gameplay and loved the lore. Praised to my friends at every opportunity and bought Thronebreaker with couple journeys. Thank you Gwent dev team for being with us through thick and thin, cudos to you all!

  27. So the game will still exist, or shortly after the last update it gonna be shut down?

  28. I haven't played Gwent in over one year, but I always planned a return once I found the time to recover my pace with the latest expansions. Gwent was actually what took me to the Witcher games, brought me back from a long hiatus in my computer gaming, and actually revived in me a passion for this hobby. But Gwent was even more, if all that wasn't already enough. This game appeared in my life during a long and deep depression that had thrown me in a backward spiral where I lost a lot of things I had worked to achieve. It became more than trivial entertainment, it was the disctraction I needed to rest my mind from my daily sadness and doubts. It was the instant friend I needed in a situation that left me isolated and lonely like never before. It also helped me with my confidence, as I got pretty good at the game (for my standards, at least). Today I am in a much better place in life, and I can't help to think of Gwent as a huge support during my darker days, those years back. Because of that I was sad with the news. It's hard not to see it as a goodbye, as the prelude to a lot of changes in the community… to the Twitch streams, and Reddit discussions, and funny and exciting tournament moments, and expansion anticipation, and memes, and jokes… that will likely cease to exist. But I want to thank CDPR for everything this and the entire Witcher series games have meant to me. I will miss Gwent very dearly.

  29. Guys its hard to promote a roadmap for 2023 if you announce its the last year. Its like your doctor tells you, you have cancer but hey, you have last year to enjoy. We believe it will be a good year. Well you killed it already with this statement. What we (still loyal fans) wants to hear is, how the game will looks like when it lost its official support. I should really consider the AI infinite campaign, something like randomly generated encounters again AI where you need to adapt your decks. Like you have journeys.

  30. im so sad to hear this.. to me gwent is THE BEST card game on the market above hearthstone or other big names, its such a unique experience but i can understand that from a marketing perspective its not worth for the company to keep going.. thanks for all the years and memories

  31. If you don't want to develope this game any further witch you could and not use that excuse with 'we add everything we want after 2023' why not sell the game. Please give it to some people who will liked to develop this game further and not shut it down.

  32. I will play Gwent for as long as there are players online and at least some balance. A lot of good games live long on maintenance mode. And Gwent is good game. So it's not an end

  33. why would you announce this now tho.. things might change before 2024.

  34. CDPR guys.. is there any chance you will extend the pool of Rogue mage till you shut down the game (We all know GwenFinite is unreal, since there will be no content creators on social and streaming media)? IMO the real option how to mage the game infinite is Rogue mage or something similar but with all the heroes we unlocked in journeys. That will allso give you a platform for microtransactions (Journeys) after the multiplayer goes down.

  35. Just get Netflix to put in it the show and add it to the remaster and future games

  36. Just Bought a pack, not knowing game is ending (no more card in a TCG is not a game anymore)… Guess It is a donation then ! Disgusting

  37. So sad… I think this game was the best CCG I've ever played. Nothing comes close for me, especially when it comes to things like card art, animations, and soundtrack.

  38. How are we, the community, supposed to manage the balance of the game? We cannot agree on these types of things! I get that it's a cool and unconventional 'solution', but how 'feasible' is it really for the players to make direct changes within the client? That sounds dangerous to me….Like, will the community suggest balance changes to the Gwent Maintenance team? Or will we, the players, make direct changes to the balance of the cards within our own game session(s)?

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