GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Update 10.4 Overview -

GWENT: THE WITCHER CARD GAME | Update 10.4 Overview

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As seen on GWENT Open #1 April 3rd, 2022


  1. So my question is
    Why we can't play draft mode vs friend?

  2. Moje pytanie
    Dlaczego nie można grać w drafta kontra znajomy?

  3. instead of introducing new cards that make no sense play that the opponent can't counter, why don't you start make a good balancing of the 1200 cards that already exist? you know…just to let the People play more than the 3-4 same deck every season

  4. Stop punishing the Russian people for the actions of their dictators.

  5. That's what I like to see. No new keywords, more use of the old keywords and more interesting effects.
    Personally I don't like if cards gets to overfilled with keywords and stuff. Like it is nowadays with Magic or Pokemon (Hearthstone kinda too)
    You will make it harder for new players to get into the game. Keep it simple and interesting.

  6. New ST is OP. It will ruin the game until is nerfed.

  7. Love how creative and complex these are! And more interaction with opp is always great, nicely done guys!

  8. Several cards in this card drops are meta defined card by itself. Players can build a deck for those card. Some card is very strong and can fit in existing archetype e.g. NG Assimilate. Many cards are unique and have a lot of potential to change the current game play into a new direction. Thanks to the CDPR and Gwent Team. and also congrats to Ryan 😀

  9. I gathered some interesting information in this video so you don’t have to, I hope you will like it. Also I recommend watching whole video. If you find any information that I overlooked go ahead and write it in the comments.

    5:19 Aerondight
    8:33 Arcane Tome
    11:15 Mysterious Puzzle Box
    12:00 Thing from the Box
    15:54 Vial of Forbidden Knowledge
    16:50 Vial of Forbidden Knowledge: Unsealed
    19:06 Ring of Favor
    22:18 Ornate Censer
    23:42 Troll Porter
    26:11 Runemage
    28:50 Golden Nekker


    33:24 Lady of the Lake
    36:46 Bard Ard and Aretuza Students
    47:05 Zoltan: Warrior
    52:00 Figgis Merluzzo

    40:38 Double Cross

    46:16 Rowdy Dwarf
    35:36 Bearification

    41:29 Syndicate
    48:44 Scoia’tael

    56:20 New Reward Book

  10. Infinite journey :O omg omg omg I only started playing recently and I was devastated about all the things I missed, so i ma not sure I get it correctly but if it means a chance to do older journeys Imma die 😀 <3 !!!!!

  11. Those Cards are beautiful!!! I truly admire and respect to all the artist and animator. Also cant wait to see them animated!

  12. How could you guys make the Golden Nekker Neutral and not even a unit… But sure screw MO(same will most likely be for the patch notes as always, btw Viy needs a rework or else OH and other DH decks will be bad)

  13. Absolutely Awesome I can't contain my excitement for these cards are opening doors to so many more possibilities and different shenanigans
    Thanks alot Gwent team kudos for the effort it takes ❤

  14. You do hate Harmony, right? Do something about it, PLEASE. But I have to say the card drops and changes are insanely good. Thanks!

  15. I'm Confuse and excited at the same time. Awesome.

  16. Ok. So when are you adding the song Mandragora back to Gwent? I only really like to play because the songs kept me in the mood. Please add it back to Gwent. It made the Beta so much better and i'm it would make it better now.

  17. Absolute mad lads! I haven't laughed and giggled at gwent card reveals in a hit min, this set looks so fun

  18. I remember seeing Ola in a stream with Jason Slama. She’s a lovely person!

    Really excited for these changes to the game. For the first time since beta I’ve taken a break from Gwent, and it’s been a long one since January. But I think it’s time I come back!

  19. All of the cards shown was meant for us to create a meme deck and maybe this time we can get creative among the players

  20. Single-player project ? Well, consider me hyped. Thronebreaker was great. I could use more of that.

  21. I'm getting so excited for the future of the game now with these new cards and the recent patches!

  22. Gwent is a phenomenal card game. It is so much more complex and better than all of the curvestone games out there.
    Problem is that the players, people are stupid. Players don’t like to use their brain but would rather play RNG dopamine spike simpleton games. It is simple evolutionary conservation of energy. That’s why Tik-tok is succesful. Short dopamine spiking cat videos. This is a problem for gwent and it’s longetivity. It is just too good for it’s own good. Hope the second season of the series ingites the spark for new players.

  23. Looks like Gwent is back on track boys!

  24. creative, fun, funny, vast sandbox experience.
    more of this. phenomenal job by gwent team.

  25. Great update and new cards. Now, if they’ll just kill that horrible new opening music that sounds like a 90’s .wav file. What happened to the fantastic classic Gwent music?!

  26. My overall review:
    Great to see those new neutral cards
    I feel Syndicate faction is quite strong or OP, i loose to syndicate deck every time,
    Love the dwarves update it has been my favorite main deck since the launch of the game, Zolton: Warrior is back into my deck
    Need to improve Trap strategy decks, is an underwhelming deck

  27. there is some snowdrop cheese with ring of favor that i'll definitely try to make work. Also this card screams red coin abuse. It's 14 points at 5 cards in hand, crazy stuff.

    Runemage is just a better triss telekinesis for assimilate. Makes bribery, lydia and more importantly DC better while being a double assimilate trigger

  28. I thought about having an option to guarantee to have a card at the start of the game. Any card that player could choose, to always have with him, something they need to have their games more consistent. Gwent sometimes comes down to luck, you could make sure you have at least one important card that could help you win if you draw all your bronzes. Maybe that's too much? But on the other hand, this would keep luck and randomness away from Gwent, which I think is very important.

  29. Unban the game in belarus. Belarus has no legitimate impact on the Ukrainian situation. And its a fact. I spent hundreds of dollars on the game i can't get them back

  30. Holy heck these cards are so creative and exciting!!! My brain is buzzing, been here since closed beta and you guys keep getting better. 😀

  31. Love you Jean, thank you for fixing Gwent so much

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