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HEATH Playing Cards! Let’s check out Noel Heath’s 1st Cardistry Deck!

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I finally got my hands on the first deck by Cardist and Magician Noel Heath. Let’s check these cards out and see how they feel. I have a feeling they might not only be good for magic and cardistry but for card games as well.

Let’s open some packs!

Check out my deck of playing cards here:

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God Bless all of you & see y’all in the next one!


  1. Man I wish Noel Heath would’ve stayed with A1W. That was perfect for his eclectic style, but they had much more subtle sensibilities. NH on his own, the stuff is just too much. I mean, an ironically/intentionally poorly penciled drawing of a couple DOING IT on the freaking TUCK CASE??? It’s just TOO. MUCH. Sometimes less is more.The direction he’s taken this vision in, he’s gonna be like, one of those crazy drug ppl in art & music. Like Aldous Huxley, or Terrence McKenna lol. But like, loud and obvious LOLLove your content tho Man. Subbed 👍🏽

  2. The face on cards is a jazz artist Albert Tootie Heath I believe:)

  3. It's kinda painful to hear someone who collects cards not know what mnemonica is… but then seeing how you handle cards instantly makes sense on why you don't, or maybe shouldn't know.

  4. Have you ever played with a deck of bicycle pro poker peek cards? They’re great for breaking in

  5. I’m bad at fans too lol. Still take photos of them when I do a photo shoot for a deck.

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