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Hermitcraft – Playing Beef’s Card Game with Xisuma

Tango Tek2
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  1. When Beef first pitched this game, I was genuinely intrigued by it. But as he kept adding more and more item and effect cards, I was starting to worry that the game might be sluggish or uninteresting but I certainly loved getting to suggest and vote and all the hermits' types and attack moves. It was fun as a viewer. But until the first play test with Etho & xB, I was unsure it would be fun to watch. But not only was it fun to watch, as I've learned how to play the game and the hermits learn to play the game, it is actually a ton of fun. Cleo and Joe had an excellent match where Cleo absolutely dominated the first half and looked like Joe was going to go out with a whimper with just awful cards. But Joe managed to build back up and very nearly won the whole thing in the second half while tellingly, Cleo's sass had gone from 10 to 5. It was a nail-biter of a match.

    Since you and X were both new, (and the duration of the video was so long), I was thinking this was going to be a slog. But Beef has continued to improve his game, especially with the new weakness/strengths depending on hermit type. I thought X was going to slay you but he made mistakes in the first half allowing you to knock out 2 of his hermits and that was his downfall. Of course, it didn't seem like it at the time because you were getting wrecked and you had way too many hermits of the same type. But you took a huge risk with Hypno and it paid off in a big way!

    Like… I really didn't imagine this game to be something I'd be on edge about! Love the longform content of entire content. Please play as many matches as you can. Which is definitely going to be on the lesser side considering you have your own game to work on! Beef has really done something special here, just as you did with the original Decked Out and I'm so proud of him lol

    Btw, I really hope Iskall comes back to HC even if JUST to play this game since he's a Magic the Gathering nerd lol he'll k1ll this game. And you know what, I was thinking that Vault Hunters is really similar to Decked Out. I bet you would enjoy playing VH lol All those different cards you have are just like all the talents/abilities you can specialize in the VH mod. Hopefully Iskall comes back to play Decked Out II. I know he kinda fizzled out with Decked Out 1 quite quickly but I think because of the similarities with his modpack, he might just get hooked into playing DOII.

  2. For just laughs there should be a plots of land where other hermits could put up a mini shop to sell snacks to viewers who are watching the excitement of the match

  3. Thanks for the interesting stream record, idk how to call it.

  4. Really awesome! The rules/turn order might need a bit of tweaking. X I think was onto it. If you Mr active hermit gets knocked out, you should not be able to take a hermit from your hand and make them the active hermit. You must choose an AFK hermit in this case. Then at the start of your turn phase being in your new hermit AFK. (TFC in this case)

  5. Curious:
    Could tango have used TNT, the the splash potion, and then the flint & steel?

    He'd discard his item but then draw 3 cards and get use of most of his deck.

  6. Might be cool to see the board similar to how they have it, but on the ground? Like you're facing off looking across at your rival. Fun to see the game going, well done!

  7. 38:50 When Tango just chuckles because "Zed's a redstoner" it made me think to when Zed discovered that… he was VERY confused XD

  8. Once the game is done. You guys should set up a kickstarter for a physical version of the game. Maybe it could be another Go Cart fundraiser.

  9. Hey tango. I think it would be awesome if you got horns that were the hermits saying the basic attack. In their own voice. Like for iskall hello.

  10. I see where the issue was, all of these cards have minecraft "ITEMS" on them but only some of the cards are called "Item Cards" rather than "Energy" cards because Beef is avoiding that term since it's used in so many other card games. However, Tango was seeing the single use cards as "items" because they literally are minecraft items so when Beef says, "You can only attach one item card to a Hermit per turn." Tango hesitates because he's looking at two /items/ on cards.

    Probably should head over to suggest to Beef that he rename "Item Cards" to "Type Cards" or something so there is less confusion.

  11. This might be a pain to do but instead of that eyesore weaknesses board could you not have those stats on the cards themselves.

  12. as a fan of TCG's in general, this looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  13. 1:11:50 forgot to discard the Cleo card but oh well, it didn't affect the game

  14. This was definitely a rollercoaster of a game

  15. For the few hermit viewers that may get this "reading the card explains the card"

  16. right after playing hypno you should of used flint and steal to have better odds of getting the card you wanted since you would discard only cleo and she now cant go on the board aa your board is full

  17. intresting how he mashed MTG and Pokemon concepts together and made it work! i tried before…failed miserably lol

  18. Wouldn’t it be better to only have one version of one Hermit in a deck?

  19. I would make it to where when I hermit is knocked out, one must be able to be promoted from AFK to Active at the end of the attacking players turn. If not you loose. Being able to play a hermit into the active from your hand to replace the knocked out hermit instead of having to promote an already AFK hermit seems sketch, unless that was that hermits ability. Absolutely love the concept, the art, and the game itself.

  20. I love this! This inspired me to do a one hour challenge and make a board game in Minecraft and I love what I created. Thank you for being an inspirational creator!

  21. Does there really need to be so many different types lol? I mean I thought there was 4-5 max but it feels like there's a lot more. It feels like there's going to be a lot of types with only 1 or 2 Hermits.

  22. I hope someone make this into TableTop Sim!

  23. It’s probably already been said, but this REALLY needs to be an actual card game you can buy from the store.

  24. man my pokemon vgc brain is going wild with this game the uturn with tfc then the super effective joehills attack koing gem for that free switch in for base 90 attacks and feint hypno is next lvl

  25. a light to indicate whos turn it is and change upon grabbing a card would be cool and easy way to ensure you get a card at the end of the turn

  26. I think you and Beef should team up and you should make a vending machine in his TCG Card shop to sell things for Decked Out and he gets a small cut. You could also hide some ultra rare cards of his in Decked Out or set up an area in Decked Out for buying TCG cards. A vending machine but themed in Decked Out style. Maybe you can work out a deal with him to slip a dungeon key in one out of every 20 card packs. He gets hard core Decked Our fans buying his packs for a chance at a dungeon key and TCG fans who aren't that into Decked Out now have a free key to give it a try. I think it would be great!

  27. gosh dammit, just Hello + tnt would take out Doc much early, reducing the incoming damage to only 50 per turn, also bringing bak the tnt would be great, 60 extra unespected damage in the way this game work is very good

    you could also say to Beef imporve the description on the chest card, if the oponent gets to know what you got from your discard pile, if not, the oponent should not be allowed to peek on your discard pile, knowing or not what u got back is big tatical advantage.

  28. I hope Beef puts out a video on how to play this bc I already want to challenge my friends when the server is released

  29. Tango whose ears deep into decked out 2,0 this game is awesome. High praise indeed.

  30. Not gonna lie, teared up when I saw the TFC card. <3

  31. idk how old yall are, but this reminds me of the Pokemon TCG game on Gameboy Color. Wonder if Beef got any inspiration from it

  32. I like how he's basically secretly taught them how to play the Pokemon TCG.

  33. Don't think Beef posted his pov, but my advice to him would be to not do things for the players, like give them their health map or rotate inactive Hermits, but to remind the player to do it themselves. This will instill the habit into the player on their own instead of relying on a moderator to do it instead

  34. Beef's game is really cool! Well played Tango and Xisuma. I hope we see more of this in the future!

  35. on your card reclaim you should have taken back the TNT card to add 60+ more damage

  36. beef should create an irl card game with this principle

  37. That’s strengths and weaknesses board is very confusing at first, I thought the stair were being used at greater than or less than

  38. 1:01:55 Here's how I'd play this:
    > get Hypno on the board
    > put the Balance item on him
    > play the Flint & Steel effect card to burn your hand (essentially swapping Cleo for three other cards)
    > turn Stress AFK
    > if you have a Miner item in your hand now, activate Hypno, otherwise activate Beef
    > either beat up the 90hp Joe with Hypno's special effect next turn or just use hermits to tank damage until you get the Miner item for Hypno

  39. anyone else have the pokemon battle theme playing in their head?

  40. Its a great sign that many of these games are so close, its really promising and is a sign of a decently balanced game

  41. What if the health cards were on lanterns and the lantern with the amount of hp the hermit has would light up

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