How Card Games became Esports - World of Esports -

How Card Games became Esports – World of Esports

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Card games were played long before the internet was a thing.
Now World of Esports is here to show you the way from around the table games to some of the biggest titles in esports!

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  1. Shadoverse is the first and only highest rewarding card game eSports in the world. Shadowverse has a prize pool of more than 1.6 million dollars for it's world championship.

  2. I'll be sure to recommend this youtube channel to my grandma!

  3. I think you're a little confused as to who your target audience for this video is. Are you trying to explain what digital card games are to our parents?

  4. Poker! I'mapro &love strategy games&esports! Ig@Teddy2Checks

  5. Shame they made this video as MTG had their tournament in arena, that was like stupid big prize pool for a single tournament

  6. Realised halfway in this video was just ad revenue.

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