How Did This Card Game Predict The Future? -

How Did This Card Game Predict The Future?

The Rabbit Hole
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in the 1990s, steve jackson’s card game Illuminati New World Order, took the world by storm… but then the events on the cards started coming true…. Ragatha digital circus voice actor is a digital sanctuary where innovation and entertainment coalesce. Immerse yourself in a realm where cute characters, dark comedy, and cutting-edge technology converge to create a unique online experience.

So, if you are ready,
Let’s go down This Rabbit Hole.
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  1. Have the game and it is super creepy how accurate it is.

  2. itanimullI shudder future forecast, prophetic board playing game.

  3. The government was behind the game and those horrific events. It's not a prediction, more like manifesting. They just showing us how controlled we are.

  4. This game is still available online. My daughter actually got it for me for my bday this yr because she knows how much I love this stuff

  5. Devil is behind… through government agencies

  6. How do you win? Billion dollars Club,? Trillion dollars Club. What's it take, to win ?

  7. These events are pre planned for the Masonic agenda of world domination

  8. I guess I have something to look out for now!

  9. When I 1st heard the word Illuminati it was in a chapter of a book that said Anyone even speaking of the illuminati would be killed. 25 yrs later it's a board game and rappers are claiming it and every single person knows the illuminati and keep blaming it for shit… That's weird

  10. It was predicting them becouse does incidents were tha plans from tha goverment like 9/11 who we all know that government was tha one who did it they melted tha lower beens on tha towers so on tha planes impact it would collapse and like COVID how many new viruses Ganna be popping up outta knowhere huh.?

  11. I love steve jackson roleplaying books

  12. Gamemaker: "It's just a game guys!"

    Real illuminati: "Bet."

  13. Please understand it's not coincidence. To believe what we are told to think that all of it is the truth you have to then accept that extremely extremely extremely unlikely coincidences are commonplace and That connections and weird things that simply shouldn't exist all magically lineup perfectly. If it was any other topic and someone predicted this many things this accurately people would be praising that person for being a fortune teller or saying that they must know some secret information whatever but with this he just got lucky?He guessed? Where is it possible that he knew because there's a plan and they freaking tell us the plan! They tell us what they are going to do before they do it every single freaking time. That Shouldn't exist. And if the whole plandemic didn't teach you that you are being used to further the ultimate goal of depopulation and a one world government.They tell us openly and people are so manipulated and hypnotized by the way our society looks like it functions that they ignore it or laugh it off or call it crazy again even though the one's causing everything right now tell us this is the d*** plan. This isn't a prediction because it's obvious but if I'm insane then I should be wrong with what I am about to say… The economy is going to collapse soon and the global war is definitely happening. The death rate around the world has gone up tremendously in combination with the amount of people that will die from this war that otherwise would have just lived their lives and had children et Petra will not. The things we've all eaten our whole lives are going to double triple or worse in price and then simply will be unavailable. When this happens they are going to introduce bugs as if it's a solution to the problem they created. If that's not true why are they paying farmers to destroy crops and killing tire heard? Why have over a 100 food production and fertilizer plants in America burned the ground just this year? Why is everyone ignoring that? Now this part is a prediction but I don't think it's all that difficult to figure out… Right now various walmarts are closing across the country. It's well known that fema and Walmart are partnered. When the crime and the food issues become too much the public will start begging for the government to do something to fix it. Their solution will be bugs and putting us in fema camps which will be Walmart buildings. Once again it's pretty convenient that Walmart reversed what does that spell out? Or is the partial word mean that I'm full of it? If You've never looked into what these people believe and how they function how could you know what you were looking at? If you don't know something exists there's no way for you to see it. A jumping off point is simply looking at the symbois a various companies. Quickly you will notice a very satanic Trend. Everything from the Google Chrome logo to the Amazon logo to the Apple logo and so many more. And for those who know these things and want to dig a little deeper I implore you to look into what 666 actually stands for and it's not what you think. Here's a Hint, the biological make up of melanin. We have a shitstorm unlike any other headed our way I implore you to be ready

  14. Predicted many of the world's disasters (but doesn't say which ones)

  15. Many creepy stuff is going on behind the scenes😬

  16. Narrator: Who is really behind this card game?
    Tom Cruise: hello there your future is about to change

  17. realy,, they predicted yhe 911 twin tower,, just like The Simpson


  19. The men in suits purposely planned this and began to write history. Yk why 9/11 happen? This is because there was a control in the plane that force the plane to crash. Yes although the plane got hijacked, it was not meant to crash. The person was a relative to one of the men in suits. Eventually he got executed due to the leak.

  20. Terrorists nuke The twin towers of New York City it will kill everyone True is terrorists airplane to crush the twin towers



  23. Even a broke clock is right twice a day

  24. People say things an events have been predicted by this an that… the chances of anyone predicting anything is incredibly slim. Ask anyone that frequents a book maker. I think more than likely these events were meticulously planned and then people in the know put them in tv shows and movies card games an whatever.

  25. You can still buy this game on Amazon. It’s very expensive


    THAT NOW!!!!!!

  28. "Nobody panics because it's part of the plan, but when things go sideways then everybody loses their mind!"

  29. Steve Jackson games if you want to buy it

  30. Probably a guy from 2079 who came back in time with a time machine

  31. About illuminate all ready tell in the Islamic holi quran every one can search it about one eye god he wos the illuminate hed 😮

  32. Cap I got the original 95 card game and it’s nothing like what’s shown in this short… 500k$ to the first elitest! ✌🏼✌🏼

  33. It's part of the process of manifesting things.
    Just like in the simpsons or other things they do the same

  34. Pure evil game of the ELITE there doing the game in real life

  35. Do not die with a Will use Right of Survivorship.
    Pray for Judge Guy Herman.
    Probate Court Scam, Theft Alert . A Mom and daughter both own, each one half of 15 tree covered acres with two houses, each have No Debts. Austin TX built a Formula 1 Race track and Music Concert and Events Center across the hiway and as visitors exit the Main Entrance across the street that tree covered, undivided, 15 acres has 2 homes on it. The Mom died leaving a Signed notarized and double witnessed Will stating that the Mom's house and property is Not to be SOLD. The Mom, always a good Judge of character, met the new neighbor Developer and said that man is no good and no good will come from him. The "Honorable" "Ethical" Probate Court Judge Guy Herman replaced the Named Trusted Loyal Executor who would Not SELL , with the Austin, Texas, Travis County taxpayer funded Velocity Project Developer's "Ethical" Attorney as Administrator who that day Contracted to SELL the Debt Free Estate likely valued at $500~800k to maybe a high of $3,000,000, due to the location (2023 Austin area property tax is $150,000 per acre), to the Taxpayer funded Velocity Project Developer for $60k claiming SELLING the DEBT FREE House and 7 1/2 acre Estate (half of the family's Undivided 15 acres) is BEST for the Family. The Will gives the Executor and now by law the Administrator the power to SELL or Not SELL and to SET the price if needed with only a low price Limit and NO UPPER Limit. By removing the Named in the Will Loyal Trusted Executor the HONORABLE Guy Herman made the Estate Defenseless , and has Stolen (at a cheap price) this Mom's house. To maintain Control, Judge Guy Herman refused to permit a Trial by Jury. Because the Named Trusted Executor complained soo much another "Ethical" Judge, Daniel Prashner , stepped in and said he reviewed the Probate Court case and said he would Court Order a SELL at $60k. Probate Court is a Brotherhood of Snakes . The Velocity Project Developer already has 100+ bull dozed flat acres to the side and 70+Millions of dollars and teams of "Ethical" lawyers but he doesn't have that Mom and daughter's place at the Main Entrance. Don't Die with a Will , do "Right of Survivorship" and avoid Probate Court's Legal "Ethical" Theft for the Good of the Debt Free Family Scams . DEBT FREE means No Need to SELL. How much Safer would you feel sleeping knowing that this Developer bought half of your Family's homestead for $60k by Court Order.?

    As visitors exit the Main Entrance of the Formula One Racetrack, Concert Events Center and Amusement Park the tree covered property directly across the street is the tree covered, undivided 15 acres where the Mom and Daughter's 2 Houses are. The 100+ acres of bull dozed land beside the Mom and daughter's Homestead is owned by the Travis County taxpayer funded Developer of the Velocity Project, operating as 10+ LLC companies who want to put in Retail and housing.

    Do not die with a Will , Use a Right of Survivorship or Pass on Death filed at the Courthouse prior to death. So the Ethical Judge and State Bar of Texas Ethical Attorneys can't Steal your Property.

    The Illuminati Card Game was created on Cameron Road near the Austin Texas main Post Office and was shut down by Baby Bush .

    Jesus Christ is Still Lord !

  36. Yes, I remember the changes he got, it was funny!

  37. Aswell as Diana, COVID, Earthquakes, gay acitivists, these aren't predictions, THEY'RE PLANS
    Aswell as the Pope and the Vatican aren't Christians, but the disturbing polar opposite.

  38. I saw that game at a mates house here in Australia in 1988.

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