How Did This Card Game Predict The Future? -

How Did This Card Game Predict The Future?

The Rabbit Hole
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in the 1990s, steve jackson’s card game Illuminati New World Order, took the world by storm… but then the events on the cards started coming true…. Ragatha digital circus voice actor is a digital sanctuary where innovation and entertainment coalesce. Immerse yourself in a realm where cute characters, dark comedy, and cutting-edge technology converge to create a unique online experience.

So, if you are ready,
Let’s go down This Rabbit Hole.
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  1. "A man named steve jackson made a card game named illuminati new world order"

    "So who was really behind this game?"

    What…? Do you not listen to yourself when you talk in your videos

  2. It tells u who was behind it it was Steve Jackson

  3. That is mind-blowing that those cards are very similar to what happened wow he must be a time traveler🤯

  4. For anyone wanting to learn more about secret societies look up Robert Clancy best modern exposure of freemasonry on YouTube. Another good channel who exposes this is elusive truths. Whether you’d like to believe it or not satan is real and pulls all of these strings. Right and left wing are bs. Both are 2 wings connected to the same bird. I know a lot of ppl are seeing trump as our savior in these hard times but I promise you he’s in the same group as all of the other sneaky politicians. The Illuminati is real and it’s us against them

  5. He didnt predict it!they planned it!

  6. Creative I believe have innate psychic abilities

  7. The one who made it was God Ussopp, the best observation haki user

  8. I remember playing "The Sims" as a teenager. Remember them releasing a virus on your city?

  9. It’s because it’s planned
    Some people have the plan
    Others are victims of the plan

  10. I don’t believe in this stuff but it would be interesting if two people were playing the game and that’s why everything is happening around us😂

  11. Nah bruh they put 9/11 and the Pentagon 💀

  12. What if this dude is a time traveler I mean come on Steve Jackson has to be the fakest name ever lol

  13. This would be a simple speculation number one this guy was part of the Illuminati which they have their own Bible and they know the Bible which states everything that's supposed to happen anyway for thousands of years now which everything in the Bible has been coming to pass for real so read up your Bible people or he was just simply a devil worshiper who was really in tune with speaking with Lucifer and Lucifer was dropping his info so to speak so he can add it in the game but regardless of how you looked at it it's all real

  14. We live in a matrix where everything is planned and control that's how he knew everything

  15. This game falls in the line of “predictive programming”

  16. 🤔 It’s not who is behind the card game but who was behind the card game being “discontinued”

  17. The one who really doing the prediction is not a man not a machine it something else you still don't see if you want find out go to a mountain at night with another mountain besides it when you go to it a demon will cumfused you to lose your way it's the only way to meet the real one do it in your own risk I cannot tell the location because I will get track down (hint if there's a mountain big and small mountain besides it that's the one


  19. Not predicting they are showing you what the criminals are going to do!!!!!

  20. Can it predict mr beasts death? (sorry if ur offended)

  21. Is this not proof that events are being manufactured. They release disease. They control the economy. They had their dirty hands in the twin towers. There’s now so much evil roaming around, they don’t have to hide anymore. If you oppose them, they will ruin you or erase you.

  22. The creator of simpsons: well ofcourse i know him. He's me

  23. Bro, I wanted to play the game before you said this the game was discontinued

  24. It was all over when adults began watching the Simpsons

  25. He made an awesome game called car wars..freaking awesome 👌

  26. I wonder what really happened to this guy who created the card game … Hmmm !!!???

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