how different players build their decks -

how different players build their decks

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  1. First example is my husband. Second is me and I get mad when I lose. What’s wrong with me 🤣

  2. Honestly i play my armies for the war games I play, and I regularly smash competitive players, including one whose been playing longer than the game has existed

  3. That strategy doesn't work. Those creatures don't have stats, so they are immediately destroyed when they enter the play.

  4. Now all I want it's an Cool Cow alter for that legendary bear with background

  5. love how this is based on magic the gathering

  6. That was great! – Is the Cheese guy really Sir John A Macdonald of Canada?

  7. Brie Breaker…isn't that the NXT Champion? 😂

  8. um…. Im sure he's aware of this but this is literally kikijiki lines in mtg lmao

  9. The first deck is just straight up just blue eye's 2022

  10. Ah, yes. Splinter Twin's cheese has gotten so great it literally fused with creatures to become creature/cheese hybrids. It was inevitable.

  11. I remember this guy who i use to play edh with. Dude literally had a foil UW bird tribal. The deck can only run cards if it had some sort of relation to the bird. For the land cards example, it must have a bird in it lol

  12. I think you've had enough cheese in your life. The fat around your organs surely agree.

  13. all I can think about with all these cows is "the cheese stands alone" look it up. best card.

  14. The Rock-Paper-Scissors Extended Universe is a bit weird these days

  15. Ive never learned how to play magic before but this guy looks like he knows magic better then anyone

  16. It's funny cause Prozd probably has been both lol

  17. My brother would play a lot of magic, and he had one deck centered around gaining as much life as possible and then sacrificing most of it to erase eveyone else. I played a deck that instantly countered his entire deck cause all of the creatures had island walk. I played three games in my whole life and won two of them

  18. This is exactly how I felt playing Yu-Gi-Oh as a casual with random cards with nice little effects, against someone who had a deck he probably spent months crafting in a ritual chamber. He actually took ten full minutes playing his turn, using half his deck, and explaining every intricate detail of how his combo works, and why it is AWESOME.

    I proceeded to place a monster face-down, a trap card, and ending my turn. It took me as long as it took you to read this sentence.

    Then, despite his monster having already 8000 points of ATK, he started building a second combo, and I forfeited mid-sentence. I lost the match, but seeing him blue-balled at not even getting an attack in was a victory in and of itself.

  19. You have food on your lip and i love it

  20. I love how this is literally just a Kiki-jiki combo from mtg

  21. Here we are in 2022 when putting stickers on your cards is an actual thing.. goddamn unfinity..

  22. Ah cool this account is nothing but 5 million views commercials……

  23. Wizard's must have seen this and used the sunglasses idea for the stickers lmao

  24. Bruh thats how i play yugioh the cool cow way 🤣😅

  25. This video predicted stickers in Magic the Gathering

  26. I play Wallace. His special ability instantly destroys all cheese type cards on the field and our decks

  27. It’s funny how this one guy has a whole multiverse😅

  28. I can hear the cards taking as they are played because of the other skit. Should I be worried?

  29. Funny to think about this in 2022 now with Unfinity coming out here soon and their sticker mechanic!! Yikes but telling. MOO!

  30. How did you predict Unfinity Mechanics 3 years ago?

  31. Did ProZD predict Unfinity ticket idea years before?

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