How I store Arkham Horror the card game and accessories -

How I store Arkham Horror the card game and accessories

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This is how I store the Arkham Horror lcg game as well as my accessories for the game.

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  1. What does your Arkham storage look like?

  2. Omg I'm thrilled to see my mats! (Momo Monster Co) 😄 I have the Buy the Same Token turn tracking tokens as well, and use coin capsules for my chaos tokens as well! I've recently decided to sleeve ALL of my player cards 😬… it is a task unto itself. I originally was only sleeving the decks I was using but it was such a pain to unsleeve and resleeve. I like blinging the game out and my next upgrade will be the tokens… but I wanted to do my own design, so will see how that works out!

  3. Except for EotE, I have all encounters and stand alones stored in the Return-to boxes. Investigator cards are in binders.

  4. I think this is the first storage video I saw you storing things in the game boxes! I prefer to use the game boxes as much as possible, because I like seeing the art on my shelves. So my storage solutions usually revolve around that in some way.

    For Lord of the Rings, I keep all the player cards in a wooden box and plan to store all the scenarios in the newly packaged boxes they come in.

    For Marvel Champions, I use customized pre-constructed decks so everything is just stored in their original boxes.

  5. All player cards are housed in 6 different binders; one for each class type and one for basic cards. To keep it thematic I bought faux leather bound binders with filigree style markings along the spines.

    I have two base boxes (of the original release content). One houses all rulebooks and documentation. The other has a wooden organizer- that slightly lifts the lid- and houses all of the base box encounter cards and the Chaos Bag with all of the tokens in it. My tokens are each enclosed into coin capsules (15mm). Also in the latter box is a cheap deck box with all of the basic random weaknesses. Down the center of that Broken Token organizer is a lidded tray with all tokens divided within.

    I have all of the “Return To” boxes as well. Contained in each is all of the relevant scenario cards. Included card dividers are perfect. At this time I don’t use aftermarket organizers in these. I may upgrade. Being that the boxes are a little too wide as is I’ve taken the throw away inserts and inverted them, or, turned them inside out. For a better visual, once completed, it should look like a trough with the artwork facing up and outwards with a flap of artwork also facing upwards. Use packing tape to hold it together. That trough doesn’t fill the width of the outer box. It’ll slide back and forth unless you put a deck box under that flap filled with the Return To cards in it. Trough no longer slides. Sleeved cards fit perfectly in that trough. And as a bonus scenario specific artwork is in the inside of the box!

    I use clear, matte Samurai Shield sleeves on every card. I love the art on the card backs as is. From Team Covenant, I have two each of all of their scenario themed player trays (I always play two-handed) and two players worth of their player tokens. I don’t like any of their resource, doom/clue tokens so I still use the base box versions.

    There is a site called Infinite Black that makes Lovecraft themed dice and deco boxes. I use the latter for the five pre-built investigators.

    Lastly, the Return To box for the base box holds all of my standalone scenario cards. There is overflow now so I bought a second one.


  6. I agree about the sleeving process. I've been using Arcane Tinmen matte sleeves for my player cards and Sleeve Kings for my encounter cards. What I do is I have the cards unsleeved in my storage box but when I put a card in a deck I sleeve it in the appropriate sleeve and then I don't unsleeve it when I put it back in the box.

  7. These videos are a lot of fun.

    We 're pretty much the same in terms of our storage for this game.
    I keep all of my cycles in the "Return to" boxes as well as I find that it works best for me. I keep all of the paperwork related to those cycles in there as well. For the two cycles that do not have "Return to" boxes yet, I have them all in two BCW boxes. All of the Edge of the Earth stuff is in that Campaign box. The bigger books, small character cards, tokens, token bag, etc, I keep in the Revised Core box along with my current scenario and play deck(s). I use coin protectors for my chaos bag tokens. I am also in the process of sleeving everything in Dragon Shield sleeves. I just recently purchased some playmats so i'll have to figure out where to store them.

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