How One Card Broke A Card Game -

How One Card Broke A Card Game

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Hearthstone is one of the biggest card games in the world, but throughout the years, there has been a card in the game that has consistently broke the game by breaking the games rules.

00:00 Into
00:34 The Rules of Hearthstone
01:37 How A Card Breaks a Card Game
02:43 The Beginning of the Problems
04:20 How Players Would Break the Game
06:17 More Exploits from this Card
08:30 A False Fix
09:38 The Biggest Problem
10:27 A Pro Level Situation
11:38 The Final Issue

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  1. Not to be harsh about this video but you mention explicitly this breaks the balance of the game and not the game technically but these issues you mention are 100% tied to the technical capabilities of the client, not game balance or gameplay. So you kind of mislead the video content since the beginning

  2. from title i thought about shudderwock and yogg but it was noz

  3. I thought Shudderwock but this is even more broken. I had a Noz and never used it.

  4. This card and Shutterlock made me realize Blizzard are not good card game designers

  5. I mean, I stopped playing because of Shudderwock. It just wasn't worth it to sit there for three minutes knowing you lost, but you couldn't do anything but watch yourself lose in great agony. It felt like that deck was everywhere too. After four or five hours of playing, you might have spent twenty minutes of that watching yourself die slowly.

    I didn't hate hearthstone, but they've never managed to hook me back. The game always looked silly, and that was part of its charm, but modern day it just seems a little.. much.

  6. He didn't even mention how much worse it was for mobile players trying to play on slower phones. I remember playing this game a lot on my old crappy phone that lagged a lot, any time nozdormu hit the field I basically just lost on the spot.

  7. Can someone explain why it doesn't just wait until all animations resolve and then start a fresh timer for the next turn? Is there a legit reason or just idiotic design?

  8. This is why I consider DoD to be the worst expansion in Hearthstone

  9. This can be fixed very easy adding a 'Resolve fase' between both players turns. This way the game would use this 'Resolve fase' to resolve all cards effects and play all needed animations before starting the next player's turn.

  10. We really need an animationless mode in Hearthstone.

  11. I feel like the much more sensible option rather than adjusting interactions here and there and everywhere would be to extend slush time to whenever the player is first allowed to take game actions.

  12. I fully expect Shudderwock with that title

  13. From just reading the title, let me guess: My jaws that bite, my claws that catch?

  14. I always wished for a Nozdormu mode, where every turn by default is shorter. People roping eversyturn made me quit the game. Also, just give me a button where I can toggle animations off.

  15. It was not the first fully digital cardgame. Hex: Shards of Fate is the first one that I perosnally know of.

  16. Game made by the super greedy company blizzard. I would not expect much from them.

  17. Nice, except Hearthstone was not the first main digital card game. I don't know what was first, but I know that Altiel came out 10 years prior.

  18. Thought it was gonna be grim patron+warsong commander because Nozdormu was just supposed to be a meme

  19. The hearthstone team just has absolutely lost control over their engine. It's a shoddy build anyways, and they never cared to clean things up. The game is long past its life cycle.

  20. I played the game addictively during Tgt release, and it wasn't relevant on the ladder. Can't even remember losing to that exploit

  21. This looks like one of the most amateur mistakes I’ve ever seen in a professional product. Why would you start the timer before a player has control of their character?

  22. Quick. Before I watch this, what season is he talking about this time?

  23. A lesson Blizzard learned here; they're definitely not wizards of the coast.

  24. Turn skipping aside, I don't see how competitive players not being able to player in Nozdormu time is a bad thing. Skill issue.

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