How Pokémon Became a Global Phenomenon: Trading Card Game -

How Pokémon Became a Global Phenomenon: Trading Card Game
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Over 25 years, Pokémon has turned Pocket Monsters into pop culture giants. Join us for our three-part series as we travel back through the evolution of the franchise. In this episode we look at the trading card game! From its first iteration all the way through to Generation VIII, the TCG has come a long way, and saw a massive resurgence during the pandemic. Around the world, it’s sold over 34 billion cards! How’s your collection looking? What’s your most valuable card? Do you prefer to play or just collect? Tell us in the comments.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 First Generation
2:14 Pokémania
3:22 Neo Series
4:01 E-Cards
4:39 New Rivals
6:00 Black & White
7:14 2020 Insanity

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  1. We mistakenly credited TCA Gaming at 4:26 but of course this was supposed to be credited to the one and only PrimetimePokemon! Check out "How Pokémon Became a Global Phenomenon: Video Games" here:'s your collection looking? What's your most valuable card? Do you prefer to play or just collect? Tell us in the comments.

  2. I loved to collect Pokémon cards from when I was a kid but I never had anyone to play with them

  3. Pokemon is awesome in everything not just at card games.

  4. Everyone who say didnt want Pokemon get real is a lyer

  5. Can you make a vedeo of top 100 games?

  6. Which gen Pokémon cards do you think is the best? So far I have collected till Gen 6

  7. Can you do comic book origin of Marvel's Black Winter?

  8. Yea bro one of the ones here first let's go

  9. Can you do top 10 episodes of each gen of the Pokémon anime?

  10. And Ash Ketchum is the supreme leader of the anime series.

  11. A watchmojo video that's not a top 10?


  12. I used to be into collecting Pokémon cards. But then I decided to give others a sporting chance to do that by selling them in mint and near-mint.

  13. 👆I have a video of some of the cool Pokemon cards I have if anyone is interested seeing it

  14. Does anyone else get a vintage felling from this video by chance?

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  17. what's your favorite pokemon Gen? me: Diamond and Pearl

  18. Remember school was taking them away from the kids because we where taking them to school

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  21. "The more I learned about games, the more frustrated I became because the games weren't very good. I could tell a good game from a bad game. My conclusion was: let's make our own games". – Satoshi Tajiri

  22. Damn I was around from day 1 of Poke'mon…I legitt got a vhs tapes in the mail bout Pokémon b4 it hits the statez…the cardz toyz n anime…
    Leonhart, Prime time Pokémon, Poke'rev n TCA gamin are utube livin legendz 🙌 plus when u played a clip of PTP u gave TCA Gamin credit 🤪

  23. I haven't collected Pokemon cards in years, same with Yu-Gi-Oh because I felt guilty I wasn't actually playing the card game and just collecting, but I'm gonna probably get back into it

  24. Before Pokémon, the USA had something called Monsters in My Pocket. True story.

  25. Hope u guys talk about the movies too? I remember crying like a baby when Ash turned to stone.

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  27. I soooooo want to see Ethan vs Red on Mt. Silver animated.

  28. Hi Tom. Your shirt makes me wanna go on vacation to some place tropical! Congrats on all your subscribers. You're so much fun. I'm not at all surprised. It will keep growing. All fair in love and war!
    Everyone hit the subscribe and like buttons or you'll have to answer to me!. I don't like Kylands nomd. Didn't he realize that Xavier thru him under the bus for Alyssa? I don't get it. It's almost like they all want X to win. If KY realizes that X will probably win and he does nothing about it when he has the chance, he deserves what he gets. He needs to stop talking and start thinking. I pray Tiff wins the veto. I don't want Hanna to be in jeopardy but he may backdoor X. X has Big D and Azzah
    Hypnotized. Fight Tiff and give it all you've got. She's so feared by the others. Fingers crossed 🤞. Love Claire. She's so real….my friend. Can't wait to they watch her interview back. We shall see.
    Thanks Tom. Happy Saturday,

  29. I love collecting Pokémon cards me and fiancé collect together it’s become a fun goal of ours to complete sets 😊

  30. I use to collect pokemon cards until I found out pokemon fans thought my favorite game franchise was a rip off it was yokai watch it has 4 games so far in the series and the 4th one only released in Japan but some pokemon fan made a video talking about saying it was a rip off and said that one of them looked like the pokemon nine tails but that's because both are based of a yokai those have existed long before pokemon was made yokai watch just happened to come out after pokemon and it is way different than pokemon the yokai all are intelligent like humans pretty much every one of them the games where great the show was great and the movies were great and they didn't even make trading cards for most of it time until then they didn't sell well instead thay made little medals you put in a thing that looked like a watch it would play a song and say its name .

  31. Unfortunately I don't know anybody who used to have Pokemon cards but I know people used to have Yu-Gi-Oh cards? Aaaaaaaaaayyyyy

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