How Runeterra Fuses the Best Bits of Top Card Games -

How Runeterra Fuses the Best Bits of Top Card Games

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  1. Great video
    Its interesting to see a card game with closer balance to chess instead of a snowball

  2. I think your segment about Yugioh is a bit unfair. Most decks play a lot of cards that can be played during either player's turn and are often used to disrupt your opponent's plays. There is even a group of cards named Handtraps by the playerbase, that are simply send from the hand to the grave to activate their effects, allowing you to use their effect even before your very first turn. And while there are certainly decks that can shave minutes of the clock of a match in a single turn, it's also those decks that are very fragile to cards that may stop them during a fragile part of their combo. For example in the current meta, there is a deck called Spyral, that is able to generate a stupid amount of card advantage and build a strong board with quite a few disruptions. It is stopped by activating a specific Handtrap anytime at the start of their combo to stop them dead in their tracks. There are always counters to decks and with a combo heavier deck, there is less space to protect against them. Especially with a side deck, as you just side cards in once you know what your opponent is playing.
    But apart from that pet peeve, a great video!

  3. Nova Blitz originally had a similar mechanic, but kind of died because the devs wanted to pivot to crypto. It was too bad, because the game was fun. You played and attacks by switching priority per round.

  4. I love when a new video of yours comes out, they're great!

  5. As far as card games goes tho, my favourite is Duelyst:

    The turn is structure more like Heartstone where you can do any action if you have the resources, although you play within a chess-like field so you cannot go always ham on combos and have to make decision on the position of your units.
    Shame the game is gonna die.
    Also I didn't know LoR was already out lol. Guess I have something to do now.

  6. Wow, these videos are fairly high quality – keep it up!

  7. While other games is based around reacting to your opponent action with your deck, making it a deck building games while runetera while also have deckbuilding it is about reacting in the present

  8. Legends of Runeterra is the only card game I’ve played so far that I’ve stuck with. I’ve tried to get into Magic the Gathering, but the system felt very clunky to me. I like how polished and streamlined the LoR gameplay is in comparison. It’s also very newb friendly, as you have don’t need clean out your wallet to get more cards, and you can test new decks by taking on an AI opponent instead of risking getting dunked on by a real player.

  9. I hope you are still playing this game! If yes, I hope to see you in the ladder!😀

  10. I love the high quality of this video!
    I think adding burst spells was a mistake; taking instants from mtg is a good idea but the game retroactively removed interrupts (burst spells) for a reason. Also the land system and the ability to summon infinite thopters or other things with combos adds fun and diverse playstyles to the game, diversity which has been limited from removing the capability to combo off with cool and unexpected interactions.
    Personally, I would have to go with MTG as my favourite card game

  11. Also one thing I love about LoRT is their descriptive text, instead of overloading cards with texts (cough yugioh cough) cards refer to themselves with "I do…." for example.

  12. Yugioh is one of my fav CCG when playing older starter decks v other starter decks with little boasters added. The cards are just busted. And the digital games are hard as it's always asking if u want to play a card.

  13. Thank you soo much for this Video… Yeah the Heartstone and YuGiOh Problem.


  14. Note: the reason behind magic's massive rulebook isn't cuz the system is in itself complicated, its just that, since its a paper card game, the rules need to cover all the wierd edgecases possible. That's because bringing a game to an illegal state with a legal action is still a disqualification.
    Besides the turn order itself, the summary of mtg priority is that after at the beginning of each step and phase on your turn you get priority. Priority allows you to take actions. After you've taken an action, players can respond with an action of their own, starting with the active player. When all players pass priority without taking any actions, the current step or phase ends and you move to the next step or phase. Non-instant cards may be played during your main phase when the stack is empty. Instants may be played whenever you can take an action.
    Hearthstone and Runeterra don't have to spell all rules for all edgecases out, since the actual rulebook is handled by the server.

  15. @2:10 Was this made with a program? This looks super useful and I would like to know what it is!
    EDIT: Favorite game of this style has to be the Board Game "Res Arcana".

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