How to Always Win at Card Games - Card Playing Hack -

How to Always Win at Card Games – Card Playing Hack

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In this simple and straightforward video, I will show you how to always win at card games. Playing cards have been a tool for entertainment for centuries. In this video, I will show you a playing card pack that will guarantee you win every single hand and every single match during any card game you play. This technique applies to any and all playing card games. Some of the games that you can always win include poker, Texas hold’em, battle, hello, blackjack, go fish, and any other card game in existence.


  1. This dude spends too much time playing with himself.

  2. Lol I love your math each person put 3 cards down totaling 6 and you won the war and you claimed a +5 card profit haha even though it was a +3 as 3 cards were yours 🤫

  3. True you always win, wait you always lose as well.

  4. I want the 3 minutes of my life back……….

  5. It have a game call wappy if u cheat in that game u bad shuffle the cards let someone cut the cards first card is your second card is opponent own which card come first win

  6. so thats the reason i always win (please help i need friends)

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