How To Build Your First Digimon Card Game Deck | A Guide -

How To Build Your First Digimon Card Game Deck | A Guide

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And look out for a Digimon Card Game Fest event near you this March!

Want to learn how to play Digimon card game in 15 minutes (or less)? Check out my video here:

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Digimon Card Game Rules:

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  1. 0:30 The way you speak leads me to believe you are a homosexual in denial

  2. Thanks so much for this vid prof! My partner and I have been absolutely loving digimon since watching your first video. The memory mechanic is absolutely fantastic and digimon is a great break from playing commander and managing mana. Such a great game! Keep up with the great videos and hopefully more and more lgs's start hosting digmon nights like mtg and yugio 🙂

  3. This kind of video is great to get started but it might be the worst set to bring it out with. Hybrid decks have thrown the usual deck building template all out of wack with tamers functioning as lvl 3's. Regardless this video is most welcome, lots of useful stuff here. More Digimon videos plz Prof!
    Bonus video idea: compare the make of cards, material, foiling, how they feel in your hands. I don't hear enough ppl talk about how good digimon cards feel.

  4. i want to see the professor try the Final Fantasy TCG

  5. I have absolutely 0 interest in Digimon, yet I spent 10 minutes intently listening to you explain how to build a deck.

    That's how you know it's good content.

  6. Prof. Keep this up you da reason im playing call bandai keep gettn sponsors

  7. I just realized…there's something very funny to me about playing a game based on Digimon, you know, digital monsters, but in an analog format like a CCG.

  8. Loving the Digimon content, even if it's mostly geared towards people new to the game. Looking forward to more!

  9. Okay prof, whats your favourite digimon?

    And more importantly, whats the instructor's favourite digimon?

    And even more importantly? Wheres the instructor? I miss him.

  10. Nice! It would be cool to see you try Yu-Gi-Oh too

  11. Too bad I haven't seen game stores selling digimon over here yet. I would like to "try" to build a patamon/tailmon thematic deck.

  12. If they ever make a full online client I would get into this game. As of right now though I can't afford a third card game and I don't have anyone to play with either

  13. I have a D-Brigade rookie rush deck and idk what’s meta appropriate since no one in my area plays, but hoping all the extra attention helps bring more players into the game!

  14. Thank you Professor for teaching me how to build a Digimon Deck.

  15. I really think the "resource" system is interesting.

    A shame digimon seem way to childish and unappealing, aesthetic wise to me.

  16. Im so happy The Professor is into the game!

  17. The kind of content TCG players need. 😚

  18. Our store guys looked so happy doing the digimon tournament this week.

  19. Thanks to your Digimon videos I bought two starter decks and tried them out with some friends and family. It really is a solid TCG. Thanks again to Bandai for making this happen.

  20. I got into Digimon about a month ago, and it's been scratching that Pokemon TCG itch I've been meaning to scratch. Pokemon TCG though is mainly played by kids, at least in my LGS's, so there's no real scene – plus nowadays it's more of a collector's game than an actual, well, game. It's a ton of fun! Question though, is there a reason you WOULDN'T want 5 eggs? I know the rule is optional, but I'm wondering if there's any real benefit to NOT having a full egg deck.

  21. What if I just want to netdeck a tier 1 deck? Where's the best place to research that?

  22. How the hell does kazemon have lewd art while yugioh keeps censoring them?

  23. Would you do one for Dragon Ball Super Card Game? It is similar to Magic

  24. Nice reference! I assume there's just one format currently, allowing you to use any card from any of the current sets? Do they have ban lists or limitations that reduce the 4-per rule for certain cards?

  25. I don't like the look of all those non-Mtg card games. Most look too busy and tacky.

  26. It's so weird having to unlearn how to play the Digimon tcg just to relearn it. I actually drew some of the shown cards in three packs just today. That last bit was pointless info for you world, you're welcome.

  27. Its great that you are widening your range of card games.

  28. This is an amazing video! Thanks Professor! I've been wanting to get into DIgimon for a while now!

  29. Digimon is a pretty cool TCG, the memory mechanic is great.

  30. Still got my OG cards can't wait to try this out

  31. God I hate the english localization so much. They seriously call lvl 7s megas as well?

  32. Interesting seeing a Magic Veteran's take on DCG. Thanks for helping Digimon Card Game to be seen by more people, good work 🙂 cheers

  33. oh man, I wish I could play the game but Bandai doesn't distribute it here in Brazil. But one day they will, i belive.

  34. I don't play compeditively at all, but I did make a Angewomon – LadyDevimon – Mastemon White/Black deck to play against my friends who do play in local tournaments. Very fun game.

  35. My Buddy actually just bought me a starter deck cause I like to venture in everything from magic to Pokémon to digital games like runeterra. This is exactly what I needed to get a better idea though and actually understand synergy

  36. Thanks for this video professor. Just been using a pre-built deck I bought. Have to get more cards to make my own.

  37. I love this card game. It's now my main game, though I still love Magic.

  38. oh thank you, these categorisations for the colour strategies are very helpful for a beginner. would love to see some Digimon content every now and then, though I understand it's not your focus 🙂

  39. The professor is branching out I love it

  40. "To see if your ratios are working" and so you can Ratio your opponents

  41. The way I built my first digimon deck was… being a filthy netdecker finding a list that did well in tournament in colors I liked.

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