How to make a CARD GAME - Unity Tutorial 2022 -

How to make a CARD GAME – Unity Tutorial 2022

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Learn how to make a simple but effective card game system using Unity and C#!
You’ll be able to draw cards from a deck and once played, they’ll go to a discard pile which in turn can be shuffled back into the deck.


  1. Oh my God Noah! You literally read my mind! I've wanted to make a card game since I got into Game Design and this is just perfect! Thanks as always!

  2. Great work mate. I liked the the way you choose topics which doesn't have enough tutorials on youtube.

  3. I would love to see this turned into a full on game like Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel or as a Game Jam game, that'd be amazing Noah!

  4. can you do a tutorial on how to make a scratch like interface? where u can use blocks to code inside of your game?

  5. Hi just as a warn for others! At first time I thought this will be something more usefull, but in this demo, you literally just put the card from one aray to an other. Where are card abilities or event handlers to trigger or interrupt card effects? I mean obviously you can not create a full game in 8 minutes, but at least come design into the code or something? The cards now literally hard coded with the UI, which are not able to separate from the inputs which could be not only mouse, but AI, ot network input from opponents. I like yout videos anyway, but now I feel a bit that it was a bit clickbait.. 🙁

  6. Far too fast for me. These quick tutorials give me a sore head, lol…. But I appreciate the effort and understand that other people might like them faster like this. I prefer Sebastian Lagues slow, calm and methodical approach, his videos are like ASMR to me.

  7. bro, I literally just made a card game for a game jam. Chill out with weirdly timed videos here. jeeeeeeeez

  8. Thanks Noah for your invaluable game tutorials… 🙂🙏🏻

  9. you should make a 3d game with the same style but 3d

  10. Sir Can you please take out a tutorial of how can I make this card into turn by turn 2 player games or online multiplier

  11. What timing just what i needed today Thanks. 🙂

  12. If we got a Udemy tutorial 2d card game from start to finish with art creation would be so cool!

  13. Hey guys, just curious if you ever gonna make a course/tutorial series on other engines (like godot or unreal)?

  14. How do you know what games I want to make? I was just thinking about making a card game. Thanks!

  15. Please upload a video about Enemy AI in card game

  16. Really nice Video.
    Could you make a Tutorial about making the exect same thing but using Scriptable Objects for the Cards. Espiacially how to activate and deactivate the cards than. That would be awesome.

  17. Dont you usually draw the card thats on top of the deck instead of a random one, lol

  18. Great timing, I just started this very project. We had a similar approach which makes me happy, since I've not been using Unity/C# long.

  19. Another awesome tutorial! Any chance of this being made into a series, with videos detailing each step of the process? i.e. Card creation, scripts, possible mechanics, UI, etc. Thank you!

  20. I dont know what im doing wrong with this but all of my assets are downloaded and imported, but I don't have Any card slots created, and I dont have the Deck Number text either.

  21. Great tut, thanks for that. But… please don't show people to update UI texts in Update method when it needs to be updated only now and then. New programmers will pick bad habbits.

  22. lmao i could never watch this video the way you annunciate the last letter of each sentence so cringe

  23. Hi, I have a question at 0:53. How did you create the entity thing for card slots?

  24. Is there a reason you're setting the Deck Size Title in the update function, and not just when the number of cards in the deck changes?

  25. How to make this multiplayer? in pgoton pun 2 ofc

  26. I was initially pretty hopeful for this video, especially since it's one of the only recent card-game tutorials for Unity that doesn't span hours of content, but it's just too fast, too surface-level, and too expectant that I'm planning to use only the assets and content that has been created here. Totally worthless in that way. If you're any level of Unity beginner, look elsewhere. This video will only confuse and frustrate you.

  27. Thank you for an amazing tutorial. Great basis of a system.
    I need to know the skin you use in your code editor?

  28. it would help to explain what the rules are of the card game because as i stare at it i have no clue what you are making card wise so its hard to gauge if those systems work together well

  29. Instead of making a list for the deck, make it a queue. Easier to manage, less error prone

  30. Great Video Could You please do a tutorial on Upgrade cards, something like brotato or something along them lines, I've searched youtube and cannot find a tutorial anywhere

  31. Is there a way to make a card game on mobile? Probably not but I want to ask anyway for any hope.

  32. What level of C# do I need, cuz mine is 0 😀 :X

  33. So how would you give a card an effect? Like what if I wanted to make it be a monster that stays on the field? What if I wanted it to do three damage and then go to the discard? What if I wanted it to draw two cards, or be a creature that could have an added ability? Is there a possibility that you'll do a tutorial for that?

  34. I got the exact same code for the game manager but i dont get the public lists in Unity. Annoying =)

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