How to make a professional Card Game -

How to make a professional Card Game

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  1. Here some tips:Dont make.complicated stats, start with simple one like atk up,draw1cardIf you draw the art by yourself, dint draw the background just use simple effect like sphere light or flashy lightingDont make too many card at first set make it less than 100Do the test play very often you will surprissed how everything that you made have many flaw Use social media or gameshop as your marketSorry for my bad english

  2. Is there no app or program that's not copying other cardgames?Like a program that's especialy for creating cards?Man, i'm really sad that there is no good app or program to create your own carddesigns.I mean real good ones.There are some crappy websites for these things, that copy cardgames like yu-gi-oh and pokemon, but that's not what i want 😅.I'd like to be able creating my own design.Then there is the possibility using photoshop and stuff, but i'm very dumb using image-programs…For example how big the card should be, how many pixels it'd need to have the perfect size.Then there is designing the corners, designing the text, designing the background of the texts, symbols, bla bla.I really suck and i can't remember stuff that i learn through tutorials in such programs like photoshop 😂Which actualy is weird because i'm okay at editing videos 😂Also it costs way to much 😢It would be nice to have a program or app solving all those problems

  3. What if I wanted to make my own card game based off everquest. If it's for personal use and not to be sold can I avoid copy right since I'm not selling it?

  4. Do a video on homemade print press maximum immunity safety security

  5. I’m creating a gwent type of game just a lot less complicated I’m stuck on the point system I need help on that

  6. I'm stucked on mine for a year. Many versions were made, the system is almost ready. But, when I think about doing an official version, taking care about all process, I shit myself and give up. It's been happening for a year. This feeling throws my energy away

  7. If you hand drawn your art and don't have money for commission, or photo shop, how to scale and redraw your art into cards, or make cards in paint?

  8. I created an original card game and I am unsure if I should try to patent it or not? Is it worth the cost? I am in Canada

  9. You need to increase the volume of your videos. I can't hear a word you're saying on my phone with volume on max.

  10. How do I get the card template once on the Guilded Chat? Where do I go, and what do I need to do? Thanks.

  11. Straight to the point! Thank you. Great video!

  12. My idea is 'Dead TCG' I go to all the failed kickstarters and asked them for their card art and rights to use it. Then I make 3 play styles for each Dead TCG. … only game where you can have pokemon wannabe fighting super saiyans fighting undead, fighting megaman…

  13. Design Games really Good Idea,much fun during these, you can share speical games with your friends.some times i do this with my daugther.But most time we produce large quantity Games for the designers. Really Fun.

  14. If possible can anyone explain if it's possible to trademark or patent the game I'm unsure

  15. How much the artist that help you with Demi charge?? because i want to make my a tcg but can't draw shit

  16. im making a card game like yugioh and magic mixed with deck masters i just dont know what type of mat i should use for my game

  17. I actually thought this would explain to me how I can program my own game using a program. Maps, rules etc. everything is ready…

  18. I also wanna use Make playing Question about the template: if you want a black border around the card….do you still make it in the space directly outside the red line?

  19. I have N idea but want to k ow when I actually want to create it to.sell where do I go and how to go on about it.thanks

  20. What are unique ways to promote one’s game? Sell it? Promote?

  21. What TCG is GrizzlyClaw Bearin Cheffin from?

  22. After watching Yu-gi-oh, playing pokemon, and becoming intelligent from solitaire, it is time to create a card game…in 2 days because I got 9 days off but I thank you for this video! I'll add this to my watch later so I can come back to this!

  23. Not even 300 subs? Epic editing? Entertaining?

  24. If anybody needs artwork, I am open for commission :3

  25. im going to try to make a russian roulette card game

  26. Mines about a post apocalyptic future where people battle with tanks and some people modify there tanks

  27. Making game about all my girlfriends personalities

  28. Hey man, have rally cool idea about TCG, would you be interested to hear me out and possibly coop with me? Hit me up. Cheers.

  29. Man….. such a good video. Very helpful to people wanting to progress with their games. Thanks man!! 🙂

  30. that's all well and good, but how do I go about making my cards have insane market value that make top meta decks only for those with enough money to shell out a small fortune to be top tier while also having the time to learn degenerate combos that make each turn a 15 minute flex match?

  31. I have brilliant idea but limited resources I need app edit on Android to make card and play it

  32. Can you get different rarities printed?

  33. its crazy how you don't have more subs, your such a good youtuber!

  34. @HTCGNews what would I use if I want to do foiled rarities, holo/metallic painted backs, and, on occasion, lenticular cards?

  35. This was a great video and truly helped to inspire me to make my card game! Could you do a video on tips on how to make small printed letters pop, I'm having a little trouble with my small text on my cards all be super visible and fit.

  36. This encourages copyright. Disliked. The rest of the information is useful.

  37. “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing” — Salvador Dali

  38. Originality does not exist as there are no clear boundaries when a derrivative work becomes original. There is no originality, no plagiarism, and no author's rights.

  39. All copyright proponents start with “We all agree, that we need to protect intelectual property” and then proceed to explain how they need to create draconian laws and draconian protection technology. It goes without saying that they both suck.

    But at that place, they already lost me. I don’t really believe in a thing called intellectual property. For me this is about as useless as the notion of owning land was to the native americans. But really, think about it. It basically says that your thoughts are some kind of sellable product. That’s absurd. Lawyers have came up with a term “immaterial goods” which is an contradiction in itself.

    We need to stop trying to fit our physical terms in a world where they don’t belong. And we really should consider the damage copyright has done. In fact, it is crazy to complain about the split between the rich and the poor and then create stricter copyright laws, that protect the mainly the rich copyright managers.

    Recently, I read a pro-copyright pamphlet signed by some german book authors, complaining about piracy, no actually about stealing, which would be funny if it wasn’t so sad how misguided it is. Piracy is not theft and with that article they made sure that I won’t ever buy anything which bears their name. I don’t want to support people who view things differently but also lie to the public and try to influence public opinion, maybe by malice but most likely by ignorance. Not to mention that book piracy is not nearly as common as for example music, because the most popular e-Book platform is the kindle and Amazon makes it much easier to buy books than to pirate them.

    This is interesting, because I also create copyrightable works, I write software. You can find most of it on my GitHub account. And if I had a couple of wishes, I as a programmer would wish for less copyright, not more. Also, getting rid of patents, but that’s stuff for another post. The last thing that I would want is for my copyright protection to be stronger. Currently, my copyrights expire some 70 years after my death, and given an estimate that I will evade being flattened by a bus for the next 30 years, you can freely incorporate my previously AGPLv3+ licensed code in your proprietary applications in 2112. See, this is ridiculus.

    The aforementioned book authors were fearing for their jobs and proclaiming that we can’t keep up our culture level without professional culture creators. That’s maybe the most ridiculous claim. They ask to help them survive. I don’t see a reason for this, it is like supporting a ice-transport industry because it might get replaced by refrigerators so people don’t need ice. And like ice transports we don’t need copyright. Sorry, that’s life. If you can’t survive as author, don’t become author than. I like cycling, but I can’t get people to pay me doing this. I don’t write newspaper articles how unfair this is, it is market at work.

    Besides this, the notion of paid professionals necessary for creating culture goods is totally wrong. The most prominent example is the Free/Open Source Comunity. While there are many people paid for developing on the Linux kernel, on the other projects there’s many people working on lots and lots of smaller low-profile things in their free time. You might say, ok, but that’s software, it does not apply to other things. I beg to differ. See the Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts I-IV which was released under a liberal license. Actually, from the statistics I saw, most musicians earn their money from their concerts and not from the actual sold “product”. Also see the works of paniq which are at least as good as many mass-media commercial releases. If you look at DeviantArt you can find lots of beautiful art from hobby artists. And crowd-founding sites like Kickstarter show new ways on how to create great things and still get paid.

    But let’s look at it from the other side, let’s see what copyright destroys. Take a look how many videos are blocked on YouTube because they use some copyrighted music (it get’s even funnier, I saw talks that were blocked because the presenter used copyrighted music), take a look at all that crappy DVD encryption bullshit, take a look how much effort DRM is. It is basically impossible to buy legitimate media on Linux because of all that software that is needed for the DRM is not ported to Linux and because it is DRM, it cannot really be implemented freely. Se how the copyrigh spawned an entire industry of lawyers to sue people and other companies.

    What if there was a world where copyright didn’t exist… oh wait, there is. See how the industrial Japan came to existance. That’s old history, so take a better example of China. Guess which country’s industry is growing like crazy. Have you seen the chinese copies of Twitter? Nobody gives a damn about what copyrights Twitter might have of that. Is there something wrong with that? I my opinion, not at all, they are free to do that and the world is none the worse because of that. Actually, on the contrary, the copied Twitter style is nice enough and it saved the chinese internet users from having to deal with an ugly, blinky 90ies style site. I can see chinese companies suing western companies for copyright infringement in some years.

    We need to stop this madness. We need to get rid of copyright. Chances of that actually happening: 0.

  40. Does the site and stuff just not exist anymore?

  41. Hello, I just want to create my own card game, for me, my family and my friends. I don't want to selling it or something like that. Just personally use. I have a full game concept and I have actually do my own card game before and it wasn't bad, but for my next game I want to have better quality than I can afford with simple printer and ducktape. I want to make my cards look like m32 linen air. Duck tape isn't wrong choice, but it has shiny skin instead of matte skin. My card game using 300+ cards. Where (or how) can I print this amount of cards, if I don't want to do it like amateur? Or can I do it as amateur with similar quality I want?

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