How to make your own card game in 2022 -

How to make your own card game in 2022

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How to make your own card game in 2022


  1. Would love to hear more about your manufacturer process and copyrighting as well as start up costs 🙂

  2. Now it's 6 months after posting this video, how's the process going have you gotten any success from your game yet?I only ask because I've been in the process of making my own card game on and off for the last 12 months, (mine is like a strategic, battle game with the goal of taking down your opponents boss cards). I'm getting closer to finishing my last few cards and nearly at the point of play testing. It's been fun making, I've hit a couple of snags throughout this process (like running out of character names and abilities). I was also stuck on how I'd go about printing mine but your video has given me a few ideas to work on

  3. 1: Save 50% of your time by not drawing a back. White is fine and doesn't matter. If it's used to show a 'type' of card to separate it from others using back, then mark it with a color dot or symbol.2: Do NOT draw borders. They don't matter. Professional printers HATE borders and will charge you a premium to print cards like that. The reason being that manufactures are not perfect and not that accurate. They often cut past the bleed edge of misaligned prints and wasted material. Then pass that cost on to you.3: Don't become emotionally attached to a game mechanic. Since we make the game, the rules feel simple. When others play it, they can get very confused and require changes.

  4. Can you help me name my card game Id like a two word name second word being fusion but don’t know what to use for first part of the name

  5. you can also laminate cards for prototypes to make them feel more like playing cards as well.

  6. great video thanks for the tips! I also have a card game that i have printed cards but i should of done the whole blank cards first. /facepalm i had cards printed in china using Magic the gathering and random internet images lol dont say anything. cost me $155 ouch! but ill be making you tubevideos in the near future. Game is called Oderal, subscribed and thumbed it up.

  7. I came here via your Board Game Design Lab Community post. This was a great video, especially for those who have never attempted to design a game, but want to. You had some top tips there with using a printer and card sleeves, instead of hand drawn changes; I for one remember those days when I did the same and man was it a ball ache 🙂 I'll be following your journey with your game, it looks very interesting. Finally, since I'm a professional artist/illustrator and designer; if you need any critiques/advice/direction for the art and design of it please don't hesitate to hook me up on facebook (since we follow each other on there).

  8. Congrats on how far you've come. Some gorgeous prototypes.

    Honestly, your first prototype is probably nicer-looking than any prototype I've ever made. I'd encourage folk to not worry about the look of the game so much and instead JUST worry about the rules-pertinent info for your first prototype.

    That way, you can get it to the table MUCH faster. And it's faster to write a couple of words on a blank card than edit a file, print, cut, and slide into a card.

    I found it interesting (and slightly sad) that you talk about playtesting as a way of spreading the word about your game. Whilst being aware of this potential is good (and asking folk if they'd like to join your mailing list is reasonable), playtesting really should be seen as a way of identifying faults or possible improvements and making the game the best it can be.

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