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How to Play 31 – Card Games

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Card Games – 31

Thank you for watching How To Play 31! This is a fun game for 2 – 6 players, and it can be played a variety of ways. Please remember that these are Riffle Shuffle & Roll’s house rules, and they might be different from your own.

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With that said, please share your rules in the comments below! Here are some alternative rules:

-Cut Throat-
If a player knocks, they must have the highest valued hand. In the event that a player knocks and does not have the the highest valued hand, they lose a chip instead of the player with the lowest hand.

-31 Pounce-
If a player is holding a three of a kind and someone discards the fourth card for their set, they may immediately shout “pounce” and take the card. This immediately ends the round and that player wins. In this version, a four of a kind is the highest valued possible hand.

Rather than knocking, if a player creates a hand with the value of 31, they must IMMEDIATELY say (or yell) blitz! This ends the round without giving everyone at the table a chance to better their hand. As soon as someone goes Blitz, the showdown begins.

-Collect The Pot-
Rather than playing with chips or tokens, players can play with coins or dollar bills. When a player loses, they place the money in the pot. The player who wins the game takes the pot.

-First To Three-
Rather than eliminating players, everyone starts the game with zero chips. In this version, players earn a chip for having the highest valued hand at the end of the round. In the event of a tie, nobody earns a chip. The first player to earn three chips wins the game.


  1. See the description for some alternative ways to play!

  2. Ah, 31. One of my favorite games. I learned some rules that my family doesn’t use. Thanks for teaching me!

  3. Wow, your way of playing 31 differs a LOT to how I used to play back in the day with friends at high school… I will try to explain the way we played as concise as possible:
    First for setup, we take out all 8s, 9s and 10s from the deck … Aces count for 1 or 11 .. 2-7 count for face value.. J,Q,K count for 10… then play goes like this…
    1 – Deal 3 cards to each player, set the rest aside for the draw pile,
    2 – Each player checks their hands, if any player has a natural 31 (or 22) in hand, they call 31! or 22! and immediately win the round (22 can only win if in initial hand).
    3 – If no one has a natural 31 or 22, then first player to the right of the dealer starts drawing. The goal is to get a count of 31 in hand. A player may choose to keep drawing, or, to keep any hand below 31. If the player achieves the count of 31, they call 31! and win the round. If they keep drawing and count above 31, they busted, and are out of the round.
    4 – Play continues this way with each player all the way around, finishing with the dealer.
    5 – If no player got to call 31, then all players who chose to keep hands below 31, reveal their hands for showdown.. The player with the higher count wins the round… In case of a tie, the player with most cards in hand wins the round.
    6 – The winner takes the pot and deals the next round.

    This used to be a lot of fun years ago with my friends, great for money games… the excitement of getting a natural 31 and looting the pot or the suspense building up all the way towards the showdown is guaranteed to keep players always wanting for "one more round"

  4. Is there any written instructions to refer to for this video?

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