How to play 99 -

How to play 99

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Learn the rules to the playing card game 99 quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. While there are many variations to 99, this video covers the original base rules.

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The object of each hand is to not bring the center pile’s value above 99. The object of the game is to be the last player remaining. Pick one player to be the dealer. The dealer shuffles a standard 52 card deck of playing cards and deals 3 cards to each player. Players look at their own cards but keep them hidden from their opponents. The remaining cards are placed face down as a draw deck. Give each player 5 chips. If playing with more than 4 players, use 2 decks of cards and give each player 3 chips instead.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first and play initially proceeds clockwise.

On your turn you must play 1 card from your hand. Cards are played to a pile in the center of the table. Each time a card is played it adds to the total value of the center pile based on what card is played. Aces are worth 11 or 1, at the player’s choice. Numbered cards are worth their face value, and face cards are worth 10. Except for with these exceptions: fours are worth 0 and reverse the direction of play. Nines count as 0. Tens can either increase or decrease the value of the pile by 10, at the player’s choice. And Kings set the value of the pile to 99.

Each time you play a card you must say the new total of the pile. After you play a card you draw 1 new card from the deck, adding it to your hand. If you forget to draw by the time the next player draws a card, then you lose the ability to draw that card and must finished the hand with 1 fewer card. If the draw deck runs out of cards, the count remains unchanged, and you shuffle the bottom cards into a new draw deck and play continues.

If you cannot make a play without taking the total value of the pile over 99, you lay down your cards and the hand is over. Add one of your chips into the center; but if you have no chips left, then you are eliminated from the game. After each hand, the role of dealer rotates clockwise by one to the next player who is still in the game. Keep playing until only one player has any chips left, then that player is the winner and collects all the chips from the center.


  1. It's fascinating to me to look at the games played with standard playing cards. I'm used to the commercially marketed versions of some games; this game, for example, led to the game ONO 99, from the makers of UNO. Likewise, the two-deck game Spite & Malice is the game that became Skip-Bo (and another game called "Flinch" is also based on Spite & Malice).

  2. i saw online that playing 3 also skips the next player in turn order

  3. The version I learned was 9s was automatic 99, King was to pass/skip, 10s were +,- 4 reverses, Ace 11 or 1, Queen and Jacks were ten. All other values were their values.

  4. What if someone forgets the value of the pile?

  5. Love your videos TSG!

    (first, but nobody cares about this.)

  6. 2019:Pewdiepie vs T-series
    2020:Triple S Games vs Gather together games

  7. Thx for no likes, i appreciate it.
    Edit. Thx for 1 like

  8. Please Make A Video On how to Play Scotland Yard Board Game
    Please Man

  9. 🎵 99 red balloons
    floating in the summer sky… 🎵

  10. I should try a variation where there are no zeros or negatives.

  11. 2:35 Nắng mưa là chuyện của trời. Còn yêu anh hay không là chuyện của em

  12. So THIS is what Uno Boomo was based off, huh.

  13. Are is animal crossing monopoly how to play video ?

  14. This actually sounds like kind of a fun game.

  15. I use to play this game with my Grandma she had a sheet that always said
    4 = reverse
    9 = stay the same
    10 = minus 10
    Q & J = 10
    K = straight to 99
    & no matter how many people are playing you always start with 3 chips

  16. We play it without chips. If you're out you're out

  17. So this is what later got released as O'No 99

  18. Me and my friends play a variation, where we place one card to start. The dealer starts the first round, from then the winner of the last hand plays first. To have the ability to pass, should you have no move, you place a chip, losing it for that round. The one who placed the last card ontop, and when everyone can not make a legal move, that person wins.

  19. the version I played before is a bit different:
    player keeps 5 cards on hand, round is over when exceed 99 or the pile is empty and everyone run out of cards(auto-skip if no cards in hand)
    A=11 (not 1) and 236789 adds face value
    4 is reverse,
    5 is choose next player to play
    10 is ±10(but not below 0 or exceed 99)
    J is skip
    Q is ±20 towards 80 (+20 or -20 if counter is 80 or above which may make it exceed 99)
    K is set to 99

  20. So this game has the same objective as Ono 99.

  21. Mine is different.
    Everytime which player can't play a card that sum up to 99 or less (In Ono 99: Under 99) Player will receive 25 Points penalty + 20 points for each card that set to 99 if they have, A, 2 – 10 worth face value (In O'no 99: 1 – 10) (Except 4 in 99), 15 points for missing card and 4, Jack, Queen (In Ono 99: Reverse, -10, and Double Play, Held (0 in 2022)) and refill the hand of all players then start the next deal

    If the player has a 4 of a kind, they will discard and refill with 4 new card and the next players will earn the penalty points, but not add 25 points.

    Whoever scored 300 penalty points or more will result in Elimination

  22. Game originally published in 1976 by a Phoenix printing comany under the name "Jimbo's 99".

  23. Wait a second, outside of full screen, when he says to hit the like button, the border of the like/dislike button glowed. What is this magic YouTube?

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