How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert's Guide -

How to Play (and Win) at Blackjack: The Expert’s Guide

Blackjack Apprenticeship
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Want to beat blackjack? It all starts with learning how to play. In this video, professional Blackjack players Colin Jones and “Loudon Ofton” break down the objective of blackjack, how to play it, as well as how it is possible to turn the tables on the casino and beat the game.


00:00 – Intro
00:38 – The Goal of Blackjack
01:13 – Value of Cards
01:54 – How it’s Dealt
02:39 – Payouts
03:56 – Example Round 1
04:33 – Example Round 2
05:09 – Example Round 3
05:49 – Playing Decisions & Basic Strategy
06:41 – Hitting & Standing
07:18 – Doubling Down
08:47 – Splitting
09:56 – Insurance
11:11 – Surrender
11:58 – Why the House has an Edge
13:40 – How to Gain the Edge

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  1. I believe that it's good to Insure when you have 20 or 19. Because if the dealer completes his 21 you ll get your initial stake back and if he doesn't you most probably win with that 20 or 19.

  2. Great video, I believe in using basic strategy

  3. There’s no professional plays but only playing and having fun… you win some or lose some. Blackjack doesn’t take much muscle moving around. There are higher percentage for winning but the top card will never be a 100% guess unless done by a magician

  4. "Expert guide" but youre showing us how to play black jack.. we kbow the f*ckin rules..

  5. Never gamble what you can't afford to lose.
    Sounds simple right?
    You'd be surprised how quickly that simple concept is forgotten when you walk into a casino.

    Great video btw, appreciate the attention to detail and supplied resources.
    I'm not a gambler, but I do like math so I found this video quite enjoyable.

  6. But what if you double down and lose like lets say you get a very low card when you could just keep hitting its it better to hit then double down just wandering

  7. You got to know when to hold em
    Know when to fold em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money,when your sitting at the table
    There'll be time enough for counting
    When the dealings done

  8. I already know how to play and when is the best time to hit, but this definitely helped me see some of my blind spots.

  9. The players have to work together to bust the dealer which means one of the players may have to lose now and again. Also the most important player is the last one before the dealer if they start pulling cards when they shouldn’t or not enough on the flip side they can end up giving the dealer the cards he wants. Everyone playing just for themselves is a recipe for Desaster you gotta play for the table

  10. comon man you cant guarantee absolutley nothing when it comes to the gambling, because obviously its down to many things but mostly luck and yet you charging all tyat crazy money for your online blackjack course.

  11. I really wish this video was what it said it was: how to play and win, and an "expert's guide," not a introduction and tutorial of the basic rules of the game…

  12. I don’t know man, I usually just quicksave and reload every time I lose. So I think I know how to beat the system.

  13. After watching this video i went to Vegas with 50K
    I came back with a Lot of memories

  14. Can some one explain "doubling down" again ?
    The video explains what to do for doubling down, but it never explained properly when to double down.
    At 7:44, he says "Each of these hands are actually technically a hand you should double down" but why ?

  15. Question if you play basic strategy and no one else is playing basic strategy at the table: does it still help you?

  16. Bruh you just need to drain charisma put 9 points into luck smh my head

  17. Only the casino wins at black jack. The proof if this is in millions, perhaps billions,
    of hands. You can't beat the math or the auto shufflers.

  18. So that's how you win these. U thought you just wished for the card you wanted real hard

  19. plz Ask Mr. Edward Thorp how to win the dealer.

  20. Card counting isn't possible anymore right? Only In the USA maybe idk?

  21. So how do you know how many packs of cards the casino are using

  22. You are amazing I learnt the game in few minutes thank you

  23. they see you count cards the dealer will hide the card with his hand

  24. Pro blackjack players once told me….you always lose if you bust

  25. I've been casually playing 21 (blackjack) and I've been taught that Ace is 1/11, Jack is 2/12, Queen is 3/13, King is 4/14.

  26. I’m only here so I can play blackjack with friends

  27. So pretty much at the end of this , you teach a player that knows how to play black jack , nothing

  28. Why would you double down a soft (18)..against a break-card..?.esp. after there were 2 double-downs prior to you,…too many cards would be taken.

  29. Dealer showing 3/13 your dealt 3/13 do you hit? I say stay why why not?

  30. im just here because i just watched 21 (2008 film)

  31. Does card counting work with the auto shuffler well I know the answer it doesn’t work unfortunately auto shuffler keep moving the cards and returning the cars to the auto shuffler

  32. Never played casino Blackjack. From what I gather, the more players at the table would be better, because the dealer is more likely to be forced to play an extra card and go over? Am I correct on that?

  33. In our casino they have shuffle machines, so counting is out…

  34. This absolutely changed every aspect I had played in! I literally have only been in a casino 8 times and that was this summer, I’m 35. I knew very basic in BJ , like I watched the video 2xs and looked over the pamphlet . I combined this thought process with another pros mindset and literally blew it out the water! I started with $100 at 3:2 table $25min bet. 15 mins I was up $200…i lost it all in 10 mins . I had $80 more then 1.5 hours later I won$1900 ! This is ridiculous!! Amazing!! Thanks so much , next time I’ll take the pamphlet …since it’s allowed:) ! I also looked at my states RTP on slots in casinos and they paid out $100+ in 15 mins! Thanks for the info this is a life changer!!

  35. I swear I hate everyone's intros on YouTube….you seriously took 4 min to explain the game.

  36. “You gotta know when to hold ‘em.
    Know when to fold ‘em.
    Know when to walk away.
    Know when to run.”

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