How to play BANG!: Card Games -

How to play BANG!: Card Games

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You’ve got to know when to hold ’em in this here card game pilgrim. it’s a matter of bluffin’, knowing who’s on your side, and who wants you dead and buried.

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  1. Bro you have an insane voice. You sound like a straight up Hollywood actor.

  2. So if the sheriff dies and the renegade is still alive, does the game continue until the renegade kills the outlaws?

  3. just out of curiosity was 2 cards drawn at the beginning of your turn?

  4. Good video; very clear and succinct. I would be to clarify the Dynamite card, though: it is initially placed in front of whomever played it and at the beginning of that player's next turn, the check is made to see if it goes off before passing it to the next player, if it didn't explode. Also, it's helpful to point out when talking about the Jail card, that the exception is that it can't be played on the Sheriff. Great job!

  5. Great video. But I prefer the dice version of this game much more.

  6. dynamite is put in front of the player who plays it and you have to wait one turn until he plays again so it starts going around the table.

  7. The dice game ended this game's whole career.

  8. Has this really sold 1 Million copies? I've never seen it in a game store or seen anyone play it except Digitally, which is no longer possible…

  9. Just play with real bullets! … as counters I mean…

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