How to Play Blackjack -

How to Play Blackjack

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Learn how to play blackjack and the way luck and strategy work together in this popular casino game. It’s you versus the dealer, so time to sharpen up those skills with our quick video guide! Read more:

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  1. Is it only me who came here for their Haskell project?

  2. BlackJack is more easier compared to Poker but Poker is more exciting and thrilling compared to Blackjack 😌

  3. Anybody here for Dank Memer?

  4. When u got kidnapped then forced to win this game againts hoffman

  5. I actually first played blackjack on a free cowboy game on mobile

  6. Just learning this because of discord bot lmaooooo

  7. I came here to be a ultimate kakegurui fan

  8. This will help me on BetWay to win thousands

  9. This guy sounds just like Ian Dundore from Unity.

  10. The only card game I knew how to play. Thanks Resident Evil 7

  11. Hey everyone in the comment section pls make sure to come back and tell us how much money you lost at the casino

  12. wait, wikihow have a channel??? WAAAAAAAAAAT

  13. What happens if both hands are higher than the dealer's?

  14. Random kid watching this: I'm gonna be millionaire

  15. I knew how to play blackjack but bro HIS VOICE IS SO CALMING

  16. I have good fun playing blackjack in New Vegas because it isn't real money!

  17. What if the dealer gets something like a 17 and can’t pick up any more cards, there are only 2 more people left and their cards are both the same number? Under 21 of course. Same thing for more than 2 people left

  18. When you get an assignment to write a computer programme for this game..

  19. Yeah ok good me and my small sis will play it now well ya

  20. The goal of Blackjack is to have a hand that totals higher than the dealers but not higher than 21.
    If higher than 21 you bust.

    1. Everyone but dealer places a bet

    2. Dealer deals face up card to everyone, then themselves.

    3. Everyone is dealt one more face up card except dealer who gets their’s
    face down.

    4. Dealer will ask if you want another card. Say “hit” if you do.
    (If you already exactly 21 you win.)
    If you get over 21 you bust a nut and the dealer gets your bet.
    If you don’t want another card you say “stay”

    5. Once the dealer gets around the table they flip over their face down card. If 16 or under they have to pick up. If 17 or more they have to stay.
    If the dealer busts a nut every player still in the round wins twice their bet.
    If the dealer doesn’t blow his load, only the player whose hand is higher than the dealer, without busting, wins twice the bet.
    Everyone else loses their bet.

    That’s the end of the round and you just repeat.

    2-10: face value
    Jack-King: 10
    A: 1 or 11

    If 2 face up are 21 you automatically win. If you get over 21 you nut.

  21. Just watched 21 on Netflix. Vegas here I come

  22. people who don't know how to paly blackjack be like: "well well well let's find out"

  23. why does this sound like Connor from Detroit Become Human?

  24. If the dealer has the same value as cards as a player, like a 17 against 17 then thats a "push" and the player gets their initial bet back.

  25. what if the player and the dealer has the same value?!

  26. after watching this im going with my life savings, HELLO VEGAS!!!

  27. omg blackjack is my favorite widely played casino banking game where each player competes against the dealer that uses decks of 52 cards and descends from a global family of casino banking games!!!!

  28. Cant believe rdr2 brought me to learn black jack

  29. Needed this for Fallout New Vegas Black Jack, many thanks.

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