How to Play Canasta with Two Players | a classic rummy card game -

How to Play Canasta with Two Players | a classic rummy card game

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This is how to play Canasta with two players. In this rummy card game, each player is trying to build as many sets as possible. A player can only go out once they have built a canasta which is a seven card set. Canastas are big points, so try to build as many as possible.

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  1. Can you add cards to a completed canasta?

  2. With 2 players, when one player lays down all his cards in melds but has no canasta does he keep playing by drawing one card at his next turn or does the other player who has a canasta win? 13:49 13:49 13:49

  3. When scoring: what happens when player one (the player that didn't go out) has 2 canastas and several melds on the board but not enough points in the melds on the board to cover what is left in their hand when the player 2 went out. When player one has to "break up" one of their canastas to "pay" for what's in their hand – do the canasta "bonus" points still count?

  4. Special equipment – suggest you get a card holder/rack to hold your hand when you pick up the entire discard pile.

  5. Curious if you have to discard to "go out" or can you just drop your last meld as youre going out

  6. Thank you for a clear explanation! I’m only a beginner!

  7. I used to play this with my late grandmother and aunt sometimes too.. I haven't played in over 20yrs and just thought of it this morning and realized I forgot some of the details. Hard to believe considering how many times we played.. I love this game!

  8. Skip, this video was very helpful. However, my new husband has been playing for years and he creams me. Are there special tips and strategies on picking up the pack? I can't seem to ever do it.

  9. You were so clear in explaining. Thank you.

  10. I think this is the first time a Canasta tutorial didn't completely confuse me – so thank you! This also sent me down the rabbit hole of rummy solitaire variants because I got curious if there were any solo versions. Never would have checked otherwise. Love your channel and thank you for your continued tutorials!

  11. Canasta is such a fun game! Happy to have a good tutorial video to point people towards

  12. So with counting score, with a canasta either red or black. My question is, do you only get the 300/500 points. Or do you on top of that count the face value of each of those cards that made up the canasta. So for example do you get 300 points for a mixed canasta and say it was 5s with one wild. So would I then add up the 50 points which would be the face value on top of that? Or just get the canasta score of 300?

  13. 0:27 Or if the two decks with the same coloured backs are confusing, you can play with 2 decks, but with different coloured backs.

  14. Fun fact: There's also a **Joker Canasta**. Which only consists of Wilds(both the Jokers and all the 2s). And this Canasta worth 1K + worth of the cards. However, the source about that is unknown or missing.

  15. If you show interesting standard playing card games, do you will show how to play Pokeno?

  16. Thank you! Trying to learn and this was a perfect explanation.

    If the discard pile is frozen, can you pick up the top card and add it an already existing meld or does it have to be a new meld?

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