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How To Play Casino (Card Game)

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This video tutorial will teach you how to play the card game Casino.




This video will start by teaching you the general concepts of Casino, and is followed by the more detailed features of the game. This tutorial is perfect for beginning players, and experienced players that need a refresher.

After watching, you will know the basics on how to play the card game Casino. All that is left to do is grab a friend and start playing!

This Casino tutorial will cover the following topics:

– How to deal the cards

– The overall objective of the game

– How a round is played

– How to keep score

– A review of the rules

Please leave a comment below if you need any additional information about Casino, if you have any questions about the game, or if any aspect of the game was not clear in the video.

Thank you for watching.

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  1. Wait…, what if there are still 4 cards left on the board and no player has a match from their hand or things that can be equivalent to the number and/or face cards while the dealer still has cards and the players still have 4 cards?Why do you do now?————————————————————Also, what does the dealer do if there are 4 cards on the board and both players still have 1-3 cards in their hand and none of them are allowed to be placed or trailed on to the middle of the board?————————————————————Can you also, call combination on top of a call combination and/or a build combination?

  2. On the last hand if a person only needs 2 points, is the game over when that person gets 2 points

  3. Can you play a card from your hand that would be used to add up to a card in the middle? For example, in the middle there is a 5 and an 8. I have a 3 in my hand. Can I play the 3 on the 5 and move it to the 8 and take all 3 cards?

  4. Who goes first after a all players have run out of the 4 cards they were dealt (Not the end of the game but when players would receive 4 more cards each)?

  5. You forgot to mention the "sweep". If a player picks u a combination and leaves the table empty this is worth 1 point

  6. ??? Dicks legal and illegal progressive distributing goods ???!!! Coconut !!!!!! Cantaloupe !!!!!! Citrus !!!??? Dicks legal and illegal progressive distributing goods ???

  7. At my job We play this game with 2 Decks and 4 people.

  8. In Illinois prison we deal out 6 cards in the first round and 4 cards the rest. 10 of diamonds is 3 points, deuce of spade is 2 points, aces are 1 point each,most spades 1 point and cards is 1 point. Also in the last round of dealing you have to say "cards or all of them". Letting the other player know there's no more cards left. Fail to do so, the other player gets a extra point. This version is called 6-5. First player to six points wins the game. Its awesome that there are many different versions of this game.

  9. I know a similar game, it's called "Escopa de 15", you remove 8s, 9s, and 10s, and deal three cards to each player (instead of four), and you open four cards on the table, instead of having to add up values to take the cards, in Escopa de 15 you add up to 15, the Q is worth 8, J is 9 and K is 10 (A is 1), and the rest is worth face value. Just like in this game, you can only play one card at a time, and you have to trail if you can't add up to 15. You get points like this:Most cardsMost diamondsMost sevensThe seven of diamondsEach of them is worth a pointYou can also get points by making "Escopas", that is, making a sum of 15 that leaves no cards on the table, forcing your opponent to trail, you get one point for each Escopa you make

  10. I have played it with rules that players gets one point each time they're able to empty the table during the game. Also we had diffrent values for little casino (value of 15) and the big casino (value of 16) when they're played from your hand. But when they are trailed their value gets back to their face value.

  11. Help needed. Years ago I used to play a 2-handed solitaire with my grandmother that involved only one deck. She passed now, but I asked my mother if she knew how to play and while she remembers playing, she didn't remember the rules. Do you think you might know or can find out the rules for that game? It was a fun game.

  12. Russian Bank & Nordic Russian Bank please?

  13. Mario Pellegrino what happens when one player run out of cards, does the player take cards from the pile or both players will have to take from the pile?

    When does players pick up cards from the pile on the side, is it when they or run out, or whoever runs out can pick up cards?

  14. When does a player draw a card from the deck, is it when they both run out or whoever runs out can go ahead to pick a card?

  15. Well explained thank you! Always looking for new cards games to play while fishing :-p

  16. My brothers and our friends played this game a lot when we were kids. We knew this game by one of the alternate names, namely Chicago.

  17. What's mean by most cards ,most spades and each ace ?. Please tell me

  18. What about same cards in same number . For example, if there is 8 ,player 1 has 8 . Did he can put 8 and take the 8.

  19. I have a couple of questions.
    1. Can I start a 2nd build before taking the 1st one. Example. A 2 and a 6 are on the board in my hand I have a 8,4,10. Can I build on the 2 with my 8 and then on my next turn build on the 6 with my 4 and take them both with my 10 next turn?
    2nd. On the last play of the last deal can I trail cards if I have a way to take a card? Or if I can make a move do I have to make it? Saving the last pull from the middle to get all the cards…

  20. One key rule was missed in this video: Sweeps. If you clear the board, you get a point. Say there is a 4 and a 3 on the table. If your opponent plays a 2, and you have a 9 in you hand. You can combined the three board cards to make a 9, and with no remaining cards, you've swept the board and get a point. You can get people into sweep locks by having similar hands and can run up several points in a row.

  21. Great job! Thank you! It's a blast and you can knock out a game before dinner…

  22. Interesting, I've played illimat before and it totally is based on this game and I had no idea.

  23. We play his game in my family with slightly differnt rules, we deal out 13 cards to each player and player one has to trail a card to start off the game. Also we assign value to J,QK of 11,12,13 and ace can be 1 or 14. So you can build up to a JQK if you can

  24. Mấy trò này khi mà muốn đánh bài Online thắng tốt thì phải lên Win2888 Lion bên này chỉ cực kì nhiều cái chiêu độc lạ luôn anh em ạ

  25. Thanks – I used to play this with my grandmother when I was a child and forgot how. Her memory lives on 🙂

  26. I was taught / always played that each player gets dealt 6 the first hand then 5 each hand after

  27. Good video. But big casino is 3 pts little casino is 2pts and most cards is only 1pt. Your ass get shanked in the joint trying to claim 3pts on most cards. Lmao

  28. I learned many card games to pass the time during a time when I had nothing but time. This game is the only 2 player card game that is actually fun.

  29. What happens if no one can play a card and the board is full?

  30. Looking for a multi-player game desk /mobile so I can play with friends.. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  31. Great explanation. One difference in the way we played.

    We did not allow combinations to be changed one set. If a player created and 8 combination with a 6 from the and a 2 from the hand, the opponent could NOT create a 9 combination by adding the Ace.

  32. Used to play this with Grandpa who learned the game while serving in WWII. I don't know as kids I could follow all the rules, but it is a great game and seeing all the rules adds a lot, I can't wait to play with my brother 🙂

  33. I've watched through the video a few times now & I can't seem to find the answer something: if all of my cards can't combine or do anything in any way, what happens then? Do I just progressively keep trailing my cards until the other player has no cards/can't combine or anything either?

  34. this is great but i have 1 question: suppose for counting which player has the most cards what if both players have 26 cards? what do we do?

  35. Wow!! This is an ACTUAL game??!!  NO SHADE!! I learned this game in the hood (Harlem) from my Homies who did State time. I was always told this is a "jail game". I love this game. I wanted to brush up on my rules to teach "My LIl Ni99a" how to play. Im 41…he's 33…

  36. The tutorial is for 2 players but I see that up to 4 can play. Do there need to be more cards in the middle, say 2 cards in middle per player, or are there only 4 cards regardless of the number of players?

  37. This game is originally called scopa and played with a 40 card Italian deck

  38. Thanks for this! Very straight forward. My mom and I want to start playing this again.

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