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How To Play Clear The Dungeon – Solitaire – Card Games

Riffle Shuffle & Roll
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I hope you enjoyed this solitaire card game.
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Clear the Dungeon is a creation of mine. It was inspired by another game called GridCannon.

Check out GridCannon and let them know I sent ya!

Also check out a game that was inspired by Clear the Dungeon called Royal Execution:


  1. If you run out of cards to draw as your hands what do you do if you need more hands cause I just shuffle the discard pile

  2. Nice creativity, very balanced and it gives you hard decisions. I lost 1 and won 1 this far. Awesome game!

  3. When im playing a combo on a king or other heart monster card with 2 heart cards do i still need the trigger card?

  4. This is a great game – very well thought out! Do you have any written instructions as a guide? Thank you for posting this.

  5. Just played a game of this and lost in the last 3 cards F
    but this is still an amazing game, I have a new love for this

  6. where do you create the illustrative images of the cards to explain your game in pdf? is there a website for this?

  7. can the jokers be used only as the cards that finish the monsters or can they also be used to initiate an attack on the monsters?

  8. Say I play the 5 of hearts on the Jack of hearts first, then follow it up with the 4 of spades. If I could play the 3 of diamonds on it next, could the 5 of hearts be my trigger?

  9. I played this game for the first time and fell in love with it it is so much fun!

  10. Is it still possible to win without the joker cards?

  11. If im right the only way to win this game is to get a near perfect game and you can only win with 1 or 2 cards left, am i right or did i miss something because while not impossible this sounds like a very luck intensive game as you can only have 1 or 2 cards that go to waste max or you lose

  12. I must have missed it, but what constitutes as a loss?

  13. I know this is like a year ago, but this is the first time I have seen this game. I Disagree with discarding the ace. You could have placed it on the jack under the 4 so you have a total of 5 then you have multiple combos for smaller cards like a 6 which you used 2 of. so you have 2 6's 4 3's which you need 2 of 3's 2's a's. What I am saying is you have more out if you use that ace then discarding it especially if you have 3 cards to draw as soon as you use it. your wasting more resources. Anyway thanks for the game I will try it

  14. Ayo, I played this game for 6 rounds and lost all of them :*(

  15. This reminds me of that game where two players using two deck of cards. One deck is the monsters and one deck is for characters and health. I forgot the name and how to play. Do you know what is it?

  16. This is a fun game and a difficult one! I've played a bunch and lost most of my games, but still like it! The Theory 11 High Victorian deck has the number values of the face cards on the cards making it ideal for playing this game too!

  17. What kind of cards are those

  18. Should the trigger card be the last move before discarding the cards? Or can I start with triggering a prior combo I set out, get the next "monster card" and use the 2 cards I'm left with on that new monster?

  19. I have two questions. 1: can you only attack one monster at a time? 2: can you use 1 card at a time to attack, if not can you only use one card when you only have one left

  20. My single player RPG

    1 deck 1 D20 / or Two 6 sided dice
    Hearts are heath
    Diamonds are coins
    Clubs are wilderness
    Spades are structures

    Draw a heart and stick with that heart. Low numbers don't matter its not gonna make you weaker…rest of hearts are put in pile for later

    Shuffle Club,Spade,Monster,Ace cards

    kill by rolling the D20 or both 6 sides
    Joker- role 15-20 to kill / or -10-12- ^
    King- role 10-15 to kill / or -7-9- ^
    Queen- role 5-10 to kill / or -4-6- ^
    Jack- role 1-5 to kill / or -1-3- ^

    Both steps are for both outcomes
    Step 1 role the D20 for you…if you rolled the numbers needed to kill the monster grab a Diamond and keep adventuring.

    Step 2 role the D20 for you…if you didn't roll the number needed to kill the monster roll dice again for the monster and if they role the number of 1/any of your hearts you die.

    Every event add a new heart to health
    Ace of spade – Pull next Monster in deck
    Ace of heart – Revive and fight a Monster
    Ace of Club – Shuffle adventure deck
    Ace of Diamond – Lose highest Diamond

    I made it up for single player but all you have to do is give a heart card to any other players and each take turns on the adventure…4 is probly the max to still be fun

    Comment what you thank about my own card game? If you think it's garbage or good I would love to hear

    Weird name…I call it Deck Devotion

  21. Great game and wonderful idea. I love it!! While playing I felt like there should be some kind of penalty for discarding a card that you could have played on a top card. So, one method I thought of was to have two discard piles. One would be the discards from the cards that defeated a monster and the other discard pile would be of the cards you decided not to play and these would be a negative point value to your total score. It really makes you think hard on whether you should or should not discard a card that could possible be played on a top card.

  22. I'm not sure why you placed the ace on the discard pile. My logic tells me that you could have put that there in case you would have got a 10…. say you draw a 10 next.. or a combo that exceeds 10… then all you would need would be the trigger of the same suit, either on the same turn or the next… what's the point of discarding the ace if it just adds to the points needed/ exceeds for the kill?

  23. A cool name could be “Clear the castle”

  24. What a neat-o card game! I have been playing for the last hours to pass the time, specially because of my anxiety (playing games like these helps me calm down). That is a creative solitaire game! Points to you for being something you made yourself.

  25. Is the joker card available from number 1-10 only, so they wont be able to be the 3rd card, or they are able to be the third card cause it could be diamond,clover,spade,or love?

  26. To be clear, you can only have two cards to add up, plus one more card to trigger the kill that doesn't add to the total of the two other cards?
    So once you put a single card down on a monster, your next card must add up to the minimum value of the monster card before you can play the trigger? If so, then you absolutely cannot place an ace or two on a King because no other card will add up to 13.

  27. Can the joker act as a trigger card for any suit, aswell as a card of upto the 10 value?

  28. I just played it and won with literally one card left, I thought I was safe because I had one spare hand after my current hand, but my current hand wasn't enough to take out the last king so I had to discard it. Luckily my last hand had a 7 that i could throw on the 6 that was already placed on the king and had a trigger card 🙂

  29. LOL, upon seeing this, I've begun trying to think of a way to play this in a spreadsheet, and I think I may actually be able to do it.

  30. I thought my grandmother this game, but opted to call it Regicide instead as "Clear the Dungeon" would have been a foreign concept to her as she isn't really a fantasy person.

    I think it makes more sense anyways and fits the aesthetics of the face cards to imagine yourself assassinating royal families.

  31. nice game. For me… to have an added element of 'on-going challenge' is to have a high-score that you will want to beat. This score is tallied by adding the value of the cards in the discard pile that was not used to kill a monster. The lower the score the better. So there should be a slight rule change of, when killing a monster that entire combo is mucked/tossed away, so that only discarded card values are added up.

  32. Do you have to kill all the monsters to win?

  33. Awesome idea dude! You should really try to make this more public. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. tengo una duda. puedo poner solo dos cartas sobre un rey y que una de esas cartas sea el trigger? o tienen que ser 3 cartas ?

  35. It would have been better if you had explained by continuing the game till the end

  36. just bought a deck to play this game and its amazing thank you!

  37. I love this game been playing for over a month. But at times it becomes really repetitive. I'm trying to slightly modify the game so it can be more risk taking by trying to make the game more like an rpg. I've thought about still making the face cards the monsters but their health is now increased to J-20 Q-22 K-25 Instead of 4 columns it can be 1 or 2. While making the value cards (including ace and joker) something like an attack and defend. Value cards 1-5 are attack cards while value cards 6-10 are defend cards. Attack cards the damage is the number on the card same for defense. Your health pool is 100. You take damage by the amount of health left of the monster after your turn. You still pull 3 cards.

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