How to play Clue Card Game in 3 minutes (Clue + Card Game) -

How to play Clue Card Game in 3 minutes (Clue + Card Game)

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Nick here!
Today you will learn in a concise way how to play Clue Card Game, a variation of the classic clue board game. You and your friends must learn who committed the crime, where and which weapon they used.
Clue card game can be played from 2-5 players and doesn’t take long to play.

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0:00 – Setup
0:57 – How to Play


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Nic here and today you will learn how to play the clue card game


Step 1 – Remove all the cards marked with a + out of the game. These are used for the advanced game.
Step 2 – Each player picks a character profile card.
Step 3 – Give each player a set of 12 case file cards with the same symbol. Put aside any spare sets of case file cards
Step 4 – Separate the evidence cards into 3 piles – suspects, weapons and locations.
Step 5 – Shuffle each pile and without looking, place one card from each pile face down in a new pile in the center. Cover them with the crime card.
Step 6 – Shuffle the remaining evidence cards together and deal them face down in equal number to each player. Spare cards are set in the middle face up.
Step 7 – Pull any case file cards from your hand that match the face-up evidence cards. Place them face down in a pile next to you.

And now you are ready to learn how to play

Your goal is to be the first player to figure out what the 3 facedown evidence cards are.

The most suspicious looking player goes first. On your turn, ask the player to your left about any two items you think might have been involved in the crime.

You can ask about different card types, like mr green and the kitchen or two of the same type, like rope and the knife.
If that player has an evidence card you asked, they must show you the card – don’t let other players see.
If they have both of the evidence cards, the player can pick which one to show.
And if the player has neither card, they must say so. If this happens, you may ask the next player to your left the same question.

Keep asking until someone shows you an evidence card or until you`ve asked everyone.

If no one has either of the evidence cards you asked about, you know that one or both of those cards are under the crime card.

Once you`ve seen an evidence card, you know its not under the crime card
Put its matching case file card face down in your cleared pile.
Then your turn is over. The player to your left goes next.

Keep playing until you`ve figured out the 3 cards, then on your turn, you can make an accusation.

When you do so, ask if anyone else wants to accuse. If another player want to do so, decide who is ready to accuse first, second, third and last.

If you are playing a two player game, when one player accuses, the other player must accuse as well. All accusing players should turn a location, weapon and suspect card at the same time.
Then, the accusing players peek at the cards under the crime card without showing them to anyone else.

If all cards match your accusation, you win! Turn over the cards so other players can see.
If they don’t match, you continue playing but you cannot ask questions or accuse, and you must answer truthfully any player’s questions.
If none of the players matched the 3 cards, the criminal has outwitted you all!

If you want more challenge, you can add the cards with the + symbol. The setup is the same, just with more cards.

Hope you enjoy!

Investigations by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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  1. Do you have to ask the question like what item do they have or do you have to ask the question like about the item

  2. What do you do with the extra character cards?

  3. What kind of questions would a lost person have to answer truthfully?

  4. Very clear and thorough rules! Thank you for not taking any shortcuts and referring to everything by name. Extremely helpful

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