How to play Clue Card Game -

How to play Clue Card Game

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Learn the rules to the card game Clue Card Game quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules.

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Part 1 – Setup:
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The object of the game is to be the first player to solve the crime by figuring out what the 3 facedown evidence cards are. On your turn, ask the player to your left about any two pieces of evidence that you think were involved in the crime. You can ask about two different types, like “Plum and the knife”, or two of the same type: like “the Kitchen and the dinning room”. If that player has one of the evidence cards you’ve asked about in their hand, they must secretly show it to you. If they have both cards you asked about in their hand, then they pick which one to secretly show you. If they have neither card, they must say so.

If the player doesn’t have any of the cards, then the next player clockwise is asked about the same two evidence cards. If they don’t show you any, then the next player clockwise is asked, so that every other player is asked. If a player does show you an evidence card, then your turn ends and no more players are asked about the two evidence cards. Use the new information to discard your own case file cards to your cleared pile and the next player clockwise takes a turn. Remember, if a player shows you an evidence card, you know it isn’t in the crime and can discard it.

Keep playing until someone makes an accusation. On your turn, if you think you know who, what, and where; say you want to make an accusation. Ask if anyone else would also like to accuse. If you are the only one accusing, lay out one suspect, weapon, and location case file card from your hand face down in front of you. Now secretly look at cards under “the crime”, making sure no one else sees. If all three cards match your accusation, reveal them, along with your accusation cards, and you win! If they don’t match, then you lose. Return the cards facedown. You must continue playing but you may no longer ask questions, you may only show cards, and must answer truthfully.

If more than 1 player is accusing, then you determine an accusation order: first, second, third, and last. Each player places one weapon, suspect, and location case file card face down in front of them. Once all the accusing players have done this, they all reveal their accusation simultaneously. The first player looks at the crime cards, if the cards match their accusation, then they win, if not, they lose and the next player in the accusation order goes. The first player with the correct match wins. If no one matches correctly, then all the players lose.

For advanced gameplay, add in the cards with the + symbol on them to add more possibilities. You may also play with 2 players. In a two player game, when one player makes an accusation, then the other player must make one as well.


  1. To make accusation:-get a buzz button before playing a game-to make, press the buzz button to make EMERGENCY METTING

  2. So it’s basically still clue, you just use case cards in lieu of a piece of paper

  3. i already bought the game, watched all tutorials and still dont get it 😢😅

  4. I don’t remember it being this hard growing up playing the game. Did they change it ?

  5. I have cluedo, and it's much better and actually makes sense but the card game is just terrible and the worst part is there is no practical tutorial available for this

  6. The flaw with multiple accusations is that WE decide who goes first, and if the first player succeeds, he or she wins. Why would anyone who wants to make an accusation vote for someone else who also wants to do the same to go first and risk losing to them? It would be preferable to randomly choose someone by throwing a die or flipping a coin. Or maybe the first to announce it gets to accuse.

  7. Awesome explaination. Learned it very fast .😁😁Thx

  8. Thanks for concisely explaining the rules of this card game variant of the classic deduction board game Jim. 🃏

  9. I think this needs to be a little more in depth with actual example gameplay with another person because a lot of us who have watched (probably repeatedly because we kept getting it wrong) are still confused. Especially those of us trying to play with two people. Is that even actually possible? Because nothing is adding up for me.

  10. This isn't the Clue Card game I'm familiar with, that one had suggestion cards.

  11. I had 2 days thinking weather to buy clue card and 5 alive or battleship card or 5 alive but i came to the decision not to buy the clue card. I think some point of the game still needs an explanation and there is something very disappointing in this card. Also the comments suggesting not to buy also influenced me 🙂

  12. On my turn suppose after asking questions i get valuable info dat what might be the 3 cards involved in crime….Is my turn over or can i accuse in d same turn?

  13. Great job by quickly explaining the rules on this card game variant that it's based on the classic deduction board game Jim. 🃏

  14. Dude I really like your channel. The way you describe rules is so simple.

  15. Hi, is there any point in choosing a character profile card at the beginning ? I just bought this card game recently.

  16. do yourself a favor and return the game. it's not worth all this hassle

  17. omg this game is so hard and confusing. i have bought it and have no idea to play it

  18. This is a clear tutorial. Not sure why people don’t understand

  19. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  20. I love it when Neville Longbottom explains games to me. 👌

  21. I bought a card and i dont know how to play it HAHAHAH thx!

  22. This made me not even bother trying to play and I already bought the game….

  23. What if I’m out, player 2 and player 3 want to accuse (but not player 4) and they both get it wrong does the game carry on? Would they hide their cards faced down like I would when I accused first?

    Or will player 4 HAVE TO accuse with player 2 and player 3?

  24. There a game called heptagon card game. Plz help us to play that.

  25. If no one has your cards when you ask, can you accuse on that turn? Or does that end your turn

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