How to play Clue Suspect Card Game -

How to play Clue Suspect Card Game

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Learn the rules to the card game Clue Suspect Card Game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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The object of the game is to be the first player to figure out “who did it”, “with what”, and “where”. Give each player reminder card and a set of 15 case file cards as indicated by a matching symbol in the bottom right. Separate the orange evidence cards into Location, Weapon, and suspects; then shuffle each group face down and, without looking, secretly put one card from each into the confidential envelope so no one can see them. Shuffle all the remaining evidence cards together then deal them all out to all the players. Players look at their own cards but keep them hidden from others. Any extra cards are placed faceup in the middle of the table. Based on your evidence cards in your hand and others you see throughout the game, players place the corresponding case file cards from their deck to a face down pile next to them.

Pick a player to go first then play proceeds clockwise. On your turn ask the player to your left one question about any 2 evidence cards. If that player has any of those cards, they must secretly show you one of them. If that player has none, then the next player to the left must show you one. Keep going until 1 player has shown you a card or until every player has been asked, then your turn ends and the next player goes.

On your turn you may make an accusation to which 3 evidence cards you think are in the confidential envelope by placing the 3 corresponding case file cards facedown. Ask if any other player wants to accuse. If any other player does, then all the other players must they lay down their accusation cards too. If you are the only player accusing, then you secretly look at the cards in the confidential envelope. If your 3 cards match, then you win. Otherwise, place the cards back in the envelope and play continues but your turn is skipped and you must still show evidence cards to other players. If everyone is accusing, then pick an order and each player 1 by 1 reveals their accusation and the first player to guess correctly wins. If no one guesses correctly, then you all lose.


  1. i still dont get it i think i should stick with the games that i get😉 instead of playing a game that i dont know😅

  2. one thing i don’t understand is when we give out ALL the evidence cards to players , how is there supposed to be extra evidence cards (the one put facing upwards) . can someone please clarify ?

  3. I dislike the fact that if more than one player makes an accusation at the same time, then everyone else has to as well – even if theyre not confident in it.

  4. In summary it's basically the Clue board game except:1. There's only 5 rooms total,2. There's only 4 weapons total, 3. And instead of using the notepad, you use 15 Case File cards, where in you put down a card in your 'innocent' pile instead of marking a person, weapon or room on your notepad.

  5. I need to get multiple multiple times in the game clue because we’re all human

  6. Seems like a bit faster to play than traditional Cluedo

  7. The ending is different from the Cluedo card game I have. In my one, if you are the only one to accuse and you get it wrong, you're out of the game.

  8. So it's basically just "Clue Card Game." Got it.

  9. Not related but cardy the card card is what I named my first deck of playing cards lol

  10. So clue without having to walk round a board? xd

  11. You should make clue: An escape and solve mystery series rules.

  12. Clue(do) is weird, it's more of a communication game than an actual murder investigation card game

  13. Do you by any chance gonna cover up some Print and Play games? Loved your videos by the way, specially chess themed one

  14. why we need to know with what someone did it and where

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