How to play Connect 4 Card Game -

How to play Connect 4 Card Game

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Learn the rules to the Connect 4 card game quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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  1. Yahtzee Frenzy: How to play.The gameplay just as the same as in regular Yahtzee, except for these changes. For the regular game rules, check out this video. The object of the game is to be the player with the most points after 6 rounds. Setup. Give each player a set of 5 dice and a Dice Tracker card of the same color. Shuffle all the Combo Cards and place it on the table. Shuffle all the Power Up cards and place it right next to the Combo Cards. Place the Round Keeper board on the table. Place the Round Keeper Token on the board and cover Round 1 space. Then, draw a number of Combo Cards as indicated by the number of players and place it faceup on the table. For a 2 players game, draw 3 cards, for a 3 players game, draw 4 cards and for a 4 players game, draw 5 cards. The youngest player will say:”3,2,1, Frenzy!” to start the round. There are no turns. All play happen simultaneously. When you’re rolling the dice, you can place your dice on your Dice Tracker card. But once you’ve place your dice, you’re not allowed to remove it unless either you or your opponents has claimed a card, or when the round is over. You’re still allowed to rearrange the dice on your Dice Tracker card, but you cannot change the number. If you’ve made a combo on your Dice Tracker card that’s match one of the Combo Cards requirements, slap that card and say that card’s name. The first one to slap that card and shout out it’s name claims the card and score points for that card. You’re allowed to roll as many time as you want, as long as your dice isn’t in your Dice Tracker card, or until the round is over. Once all the cards has been claimed, the round is over. All players remove their dice from their dice tracker. Move the Round Keeper Token to the next round space and draw the indicated amount of Combo Cards and place it faceup for the next round. Each time you claimed a Combo Card with the the word “Power Up”, then on the next round, you get to draw a card from the Power Up pile. You can only use that power up once, and only for the next round. If you decide to use a power up, then play that Power Up card and do what it says. Once the Round Keeper Token has made it way back to Round 1 space, the game is over. Everyone add up all the points from their Combo Cards and the player with the most points, wins.

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  3. Not really all clear in this explanation need more details next time. Thank you anyway.

  4. This is the best how to play video in existence

  5. Thank you so much for this video I had no Idea how to play, About to play right now, We'll see how it goes. Thank you for making your content. Keep up the great work

  6. If using the rotate power up card. Do you know if you can rotate a card around to put it back in exactly the same way it was all ready then making a fresh turn and using it to complete a mission?

  7. Thanks for concisely explaining the rules of this card game variant of the classic four in a row strategy board game Jim. 🃏

  8. The fact that card game has more unique skills,more 2d and more cheap

  9. Can my next player claim a mission that I created in my turn after placing a card? or player can claim a mission only in his/her own turn? It is very confusing!!!

  10. Great job by quickly explaining the rules on this card game variant that it's based on my favorite two player abstract strategy game Jim. 🃏

  11. Hi i am first. Sss games, i would upload videos for solutions for puzzles u upload and coent the link in the puzzle video. Is it okay?

  12. I have a question do you have to use the power up or do you decide if you want to use it?

  13. Thanks for the explaination now I understand how to ppay!

  14. I bought this card game for my 6 year old grandson. Couldn't figure it out so I looked on You Tube. I still don't get it! Guess I will have to watch it several times! I can't believe they suggest ages 6 & up for this game!

  15. Ok but what if you get a card with none of the same color do you draw another one

  16. 2 mission cards??! I want 4!

  17. power ups can be used once…… once per turn? once per game? once per card? once per player?

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