How to Play Crazy Eights (card game) -

How to Play Crazy Eights (card game)

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In this game, Eights are wild and craZyy, but why does it seem everyone plays Crazy Eights differently? Come find out the basic rules, and then learn about all the different and creative ways people play this fun card game!

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  1. So basically it's like uno if u playing it differently

  2. I think I like your channel for learning card games.

  3. It sord of rude to say ypu dont know how to play the game

  4. in germany we say mau mau and not crazy eights

  5. 🤦🤦🤦 You know I thought that until I watched the end. That was the game we just changed and had more rules such as king would be a two instead ( card 2 pick up two not king) Jack take all from middle instead of skip the next player. THANK YOU you have given me more card ability's ideas. To really set people up.

  6. Your cat is pretty good at playing cards jajajajaja

  7. Thanks for this video man. Because of you many people can play many games together. Hey you should teach people how to play 29 card games. There isn't much information on YouTube but Google has good explanations. This game is one of the best games I played.

  8. Look like your cat want to learn the game too 😁

  9. There is additional rules with the card game with the 2. As played the opposite player is to picked up 2 cards. And best to say last card and nice to end with an 8 !🤔🤗💖😳

  10. The way me and my friends play is like:

    7s skip the next player
    Jokers make the next player have to take 5 cards (we add as many as we want from other sets)
    2s make the next player take 2 cards
    Aces block jokers and 2s
    Kings and queens allow another card of the same suit to be played
    Doubles can be played if the numbers are the same
    And jacks change the direction of turns

    This basically turns into a hellish mess within 5 minutes where one player gets 27 cards while the others are left with one or two
    It is so much fun

  11. I always played

    8 is wild
    2 pick up 2 cards
    jack miss a turn
    queen of spades is pick up 5
    also if you have a 4 of diamonds for example, you can then play all your other 4 cards of other suites to change the suite. So you can put down a 4 of clubs and put three other 4 cards on top and change it to 4 of hearts and now you are playing with hearts.

  12. Thanks, I have wondered how to play this game, for a long time!

  13. Do you know any simple games that me my mum and dad can play?

  14. 'i am gonna explain the crap outta that…' subscribed instantly

  15. Hey bro.. you are doing a great job making these kind of videos, they are very easy to understand… Please make videos on more games(cards and others)… I'm sure this quarantine will get you so many audience.. All the best😇😇😇

  16. As for me I play it differently with others…according to how I was taught…
    Ace:change suit
    Queen and 8:both are questions hence an answer added
    King:kickback hence we reverse the direction in which we were playing
    Jack:jump hence we jump the next player
    2:the next player picks two cards if not one can refuse with an ace
    3:same as 2 but you pick 3 cards
    Joker:one picks 5 cards
    But thank you very much…I actually thought we were playing it wrong the whole time

  17. Great demonstration; Clear, Simple & Cute/funny 👍🏽🎯

  18. Can you send me your threme music by whatsapp

  19. Are the Joker, 7 and J special cards as well?

  20. That cat I sin multiple videos Nice they like cards too I guess😅

  21. So it's the same type of stand as uno platinum

  22. "Big broooo, i want to play uno"
    "I got something better"

  23. With 3 or more players, use 2 52-card decks of playing cards for a total of 104 cards.

  24. Well this just sounds like Uno with less steps.

  25. Scores:
    A 2345679 = face value
    8 = 50 points
    JQK10= 10 points

  26. Bruh i made this game a month ago and i got bored so was watching new games to play with. I feel like a scientist now😎😎

  27. Thank you! I knew that something like that exists. But now that I know the game, I could have an excuse for other people to play crazy eights game!

  28. If the first topcard in the discards is an 8, just shuffle it into the stock and draw another card.

  29. We always played "2" next player had to pick 2, one eyed jack, next player had to pick 5, Aces, skipped the next player

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