how to play daketi/stealing card game| complete gameplay procedure in urdu/hindi#cardgame #tutorial -

how to play daketi/stealing card game| complete gameplay procedure in urdu/hindi#cardgame #tutorial

Haroon Ashraf
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In the video i show viewers how to play daketi card game also known as stealing card game
perfect way to play card game
in the video there is complete procedure game play of playing that type of card game
Daketi/stealing Card Game is one of the most epic and amazing childhood card game. Mainly played in Asian countries i.e. Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
With Daketi, you can say goodbye to other all-time favorites classic card games. So get ready to involve in this epic arena of classic arcade card games and embark your name on the top list of the players.
While playing this super fun and thrilling game indulging in the epic encounters with your opponent and card dealer. All you got to remember is the one and only rule for survival and winning this challenging game .
Number of players: 2-4
Materials: Deck of cards
Skill Practice: Number recognition, matching

Goal: To gather the largest bundle of cards

Set up:

Dealer deals 4 cards to each player. This becomes the players’ hand.
Next, the dealer deals 4 cards face up in the center of the table. The cards need to be in a row and visible to each player.
The remaining cards are placed in a pile, face down, near the dealer to use later.
Rule for play:

1.The player on the left of the dealer begins the play. Play continues clockwise.
2.At each player’s turn, the player must play 1 card from their hand.
If the card played matches the one of the face up cards, the player takes the cards. The cards are placed in front of the player. This begins the player’s bundle. The last card the player played must be on top.
3.If a player plays a card that does not match on a pile, the card stays for the next player’s turn.
4.If a player plays a card that matches the top card of an opponent’s bundle, the player steals that bundle. The bundle is placed on top of the stealing player’s bundle.
5.After the players use up their hand of 4 cards, the dealer deals 4 more cards to each player and the play continues. The card layout remains the same.
6.Play continues as described above.
7.After all the cards have been dealt and the last match made, the remaining cards on the table are added the bundle of the player who made the last match.
8.The winner of the game is the player with the largest bundle or stack of cards


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