How To Play Digimon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes! -

How To Play Digimon Trading Card Game (TCG) Learn To Play In Less Than 15 minutes!

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In this video, I will teach you how to play this game in 15 minutes (or less). The Digimon Card Game is the latest collectible card game from the Digimon franchise. Popular in Japan, and exploding in popularity in the United States, this game lets you battle and evolve your Digimon to become a Digital Champion. Embrace classic gaming: Your gateway to emulation online games.

Tutorial App, Google Play version:

Tutorial App, App Store version:

Digimon Card Game Website:

Digimon Card Game Rules:

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  1. please make a video on Force of Will, we definitely need you to make the community come life again!! PLEASE!!??

  2. I bought a couple starter decks and was baffled, thanks for making it easy.

  3. I watch your mtg videos and so was delighted to see you made a digimon video as I just purchased two starter decks to play with my son. We tried Pokémon but he likes digimon more, so hopefully he will like the card game. Of course my ultimate goal is that he play magic, but he’s not interested… yet.

  4. Glad I found this, I'm going to send this to anyone I plan to teach from now on.

  5. Can you post more Digimon content @Tolarian Community College?

  6. I just recently got into collecting and playing the digimon tcg. I think it’s very underrated and I’d love to help the community grow!

  7. My boyfriend plays in Digimon tournaments at our local card shop every weekend. I want to be able to play it with him and get more involved but I find this game so hard to grasp as a newbie 😭

  8. this is great i have a bunch of friends who are interested but i suck at explaining and teaching so this will be super helpful!

  9. Can you make a one piece tutorial please? Prerelease is this weekend. Thanks.

  10. Bandai and Akiyoshi Hongo should have really done more connectivity between their app, vital hero fitness watch, and their new tcg. Or also just gone the smart watch app route

  11. The only wholesome instance of "Breeding Phase" and "Angewoman" being used anywhere in the world is this card game.

  12. I've got this goofy half smile because the deal with security cards is reminding me a lot of Duel Masters. Fucking loved that game and it makes me exicted to find that the digimon game has some of the same vibes. I picked up a deck on a whim when I visited my game shop, but recent I've found myself way more into digimon both from nostaliga and getting into the new stuff. I'm actually giddy to make a deck with my favorite 'mons in it. Like actually fucking giddy at the idea of pitting my bros against people.

  13. One thing to note, is that the breeding zone DOES count towards your color identity.

  14. This sounds really cool, and is just like a reboot of Duel Masters, which I've always wanted. Definitely something I'll check out!

  15. lol, i didn't even know this had a card game, i was expecting it to be somewhat of a clone of pokemon tcg… y'know because digimons are practically pokemons with knives and guns sticking out of them

  16. Been seeing you pop up everywhere. Thanks for the easy tutorial.

  17. Wow this is a very well made video. Thank you!

  18. @tolarian you should do one of these for the Final Fantasy tcg. Best card quality I've seen on any tcg

  19. sorry for the ignorance but what happens if you have 3 memory, play a option card that cost 4 but the effect sets your energy to 3? do you end you turn because after you played it it went beyond 0 or does the effect resolves and your turn continues?

  20. Reminded me of Duel Masters but with different twist. I like it, gonna buy a new deck soon.

  21. I used play game called duel masters when I was kid back in 2005 , digimon is kinda like that..

  22. Hey I seen you cover Digimon, how about Dragonball card game? The game plays great and kinda takes ideas from many other card games to make a unique game, it probably takes the most from magic. The game has been around for 5 years now and has world championships.

  23. I expected new One Piece TCG to be similar to Digimon TCG, but I was gravely mistaken. Whole Memory mechanic is fascinating. I wish I can play this game online.

  24. Man this guy does digimon too. TCC is on a whole another level. It's showcasing something I've been thinking about. A channel that showcase as much or every TCG.👍👍

  25. I would like you to go over the One Piece Card Game

  26. I didnt know until this moment that Digimon is a card game too lmao

  27. Hadn't realized it was a newer card game, certainly seems interesting!

  28. Now for a One Piece Card Game video! The word must get out to create a bigger community 😁

  29. someone somewhere really liked mutate and made a game out of it. lovely!

  30. This is an amazing video for beginners I wish it was out when I started but it's so easy to follow its what I'm using to show my brother who has special needs how to play

  31. Well this video got me into playing Digimon, thank you Professor

  32. This card game only just came to my country and my brother and I have started collecting because we're both lifelong Digimon fans. So excited to start playing, it seems so unique and fun! We were both confused about the memory mechanic so I'm really grateful for how well it was explained here!

  33. Would like one for the new one piece tcg 🙂

  34. A Repository At The End of The World says:

    They added mulligans this year.

  35. Although not surprising, you managed to explain the Digimon card game better than the tutorial app made by the game designers. For the life of me I couldn't figure out where the security stack came from. Great content as always professor.

  36. This game is so balanced it's like they looked at Yu-Gi-Oh and magic and said yea no

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