How to Play Downloaded Wii Games from SD Card! [Wii & Wiiu] (WiiFlow Tutorial 2023) -

How to Play Downloaded Wii Games from SD Card! [Wii & Wiiu] (WiiFlow Tutorial 2023)

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Today, I’m showing you how you can play your wii games from an SD INSTEAD of a USB drive. If this helped you out, please give the video a like 🙂

ATTENTION Wii USERS: If you are on the original Wii the settings for D2x Cios installer have changed. See the pinned comment for the latest settings to use when installing custom IOS’s at 3:50.

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  1. i got a question i homebrewed my wii and got everyhting on an SD card, but i bought a USB Drive cause of space issues. Can i just move everything from the SD Card to the usb drive to work or just the games and boot with the SD card im pretty new to all that im sorry.

  2. I did the steps but when i open wii flow it just takes me back to the HBC can someone plz tell me how to fix it

  3. Followed tutorial to the tea and now usbloade and Nintendont don’t worry

  4. Came to say to anyone having the issue when you install wiiflow and go to open it and it gives you a black screen for a bit then goes back to Wii menu here is my fix because it was killing me ….

    First make sure you have the four wads needed for CIOs if your not usuing internet . If you do have internet you don’t need the wads . Second thing my problem was I forgot the app folder and the wiiflow folder so make sure to rewatch and get that zip file and then transfer them both to you’re root . The apps should merge and the wilflow folder should be new on your root . The app crashes because we installed it but it had no data to run it . Or at least this was my problem hopefully this helped some people . I also saw a video named how to fix wiiflow and usb loaded that has a link with many csio wad files that help fix errors. Best of luck all

  5. Would nintendo gamecube work on this since the original wii supports them

  6. Thank you bro I’m all good now I was stuck for like two hours

  7. When I open wii flow, it says no games found in the folder, but when I navigate to the folder with the file explorer, some of the games open and some crash the wii. Any suggestions?

  8. I just want to know from where you get the games cuz yeah i cand find a site.

  9. every time i play a game and exit to the home menu it shows a black screen and never does anything

  10. i am trying to play mario party 9 and it keeps crashing

  11. for some reason i can only use one of the games i installed

  12. my wii only has beta52 why cant i see d2x v11?

  13. Is there a way to put the wii games onto the external HDD?

  14. My game don't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I am click start it takes me back to the WII MENU!

  15. Help! Is sending me to another website! What should i do?

  16. Pls help me, for some reason whenever I try loading wii flow it sends me back to wii menu.


  18. I have an issue where one game that I have downloaded and put into the "wbfs" folder is showing up on the wiiflow menu, but other games I put into the folder are refusing to show up, could you please help me with this problem?

  19. if i have a external harddrive how do i transfer the games from sd card to it? im asking bc i cant access the harddrive on my pc for some reason

  20. Will this work if you didn't use an SD card to begin with?

  21. My cios doesn't have the v10 beta d2x v10 beta 52 vwii setting 😢

  22. Ok, technically challenged in this area. I followed your video "Homebrew your Wii Without Internet" using a SD card, copied a game disc, and it works. So my question is do I have to use the WiiFlow app to add wbfs game files (not discs) to the SD card? I already have a wbfs folder created, and don't understand if the WiiFlow app actually does some sort of conversion of the file, or just move it from one place to another. Thanks!

  23. 1 recommendation don't do any thing on ur homebrew with out this guy

  24. Do I install the Wii flow on the same as card as the hombres channel?

  25. I got 2 games to show up and 2 games don't show up but I did the same process what did I do wrong?

  26. I have followed everything in this tutorial, but my wiiflow just boots back to the HBL (I am on a vwii using an SD card)

  27. The site appears to of changed a bit since you made this vid, I can't seem to find the 2nd file

  28. Hi, I’ve set up one game for Wiiflow and further install more games onto my sd card and set up the correct game id’s. However, only super Mario bros (the original game) show up and not the other two games I’ve installed. Do I have to uninstall Wii flow and reinstall it to add more games ?

  29. Your that guy. Theres no way around it. I can't believe this works! Thank you so much!

  30. uhhh it says 404 page not found for the first link

  31. The Wii does not recognize my USB drive. What do i do

  32. the link is not working for me it says Page Not Found 🙁

  33. I cannot get the cios installer to pop up when I open home brew at all … I have the folder on the sd card and when I plug it into the Wii only Wii flow pops up

  34. 1:30 The WiiFlow zip doesn't have plugins_data. Should I be worried?

  35. I loaded up my game and it shows up in the corner of my screen in wii flow but when i click the play button, there is a black screen and the wii resets and boots to the wii homescreen

  36. Thank you. I felt like I was running in circles @ _ @

  37. Ok big respect. I got some games working thank you! But I'm still having issues with Mario Kart and some other games. Mario Party and Wii Party work great. But every time I try to open a game like Mario Kart up, it kicks me back to the Wii Menu. Any help would be appreciated! I followed all your steps, Have bootmii and priiloader.

    Wii Music too oddly enough. I'm using an SD Card. Is there a wad I should Install?

  38. hey appreciate your tutorials to get up and running, looking to add more space, I see you listed PNY usb drive as a product you use. Could I use this to store all my data from my SD card I used to mod my wii? will the wii read all the games from that?

  39. what is the cios revision for the wii u. also it keeps telling me the net_init has failed.

  40. Any tips for getting ISOs too large for FAT32 (The Last Story) to work via SD card? Cheers.

  41. I tried this and when I get stuck in Wiiflow. I can get into it and it sees a game, but it doens't let me play or go back to the wii menu. When I try to I get a black screen and have power cycle the Wii console. Any suggestions?

  42. Hey I dont have the folder that says plug in data on the root wiiflow folder. When I load wii flow the screen is just black then it quits. Any suggestions?

  43. didnt work because you dont do it all in one video bruh cmon

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