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How To Play Euchre – Bid – Card Games

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This is how to play Bid Euchre. This is a team based trick taking card game.

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  1. I have no idea why channels who are trying to teach us the rules of a game have distracting music playing.

  2. Video was ok but you didn’t explain high low, also scoring is not how we normally play. Moon =12 and “ask” or “slide” aka “partners best” is 8 points. If playing high low all you can slide for is high or low and not suit. For example cannot win the bid and slide saying give me a low diamond. Just have to say low. When high or low is called there is no trump. High – aces are best or a run in one suit like AKQJ is automatically four tricks if its your lead. Same rules for low where 9’s now become the best card. Calling high or low when it’s not your lead can be problematic but it’s definitely a better game utilizing it:

  3. Who gets the lead? The one left of the dealer or the one who gets the bid?

  4. How does the jack win when the next player has the queen….

  5. This version of euchre basically takes regular euchre and mixes elements of the game “spades”. I’m not sure if I like it more than regular euchre. It’s pretty much “a whole new thing”.

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