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How To Play Five Crowns Card Game

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A review on how to play the card game Five Crowns.

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  1. Thanks for the rules, we are new to the game. You do need to vacuum that table.

  2. Hi. I'm programming this game as an AI and would like one clarification, do you reshuffle the discard pile when the draw runs out? It probably rarely happens when humans play but I want the AI to be accurate.

  3. ……………..Am I carzy or am I the only one who's only ever known this game as "Kings & Tres (3 in spanish)"? No wonder I couldn't find the game on Google….

  4. This is a family favorite. Good review, thanks.

  5. The last play was a partial laydown. Is that allowed?

  6. I have this and its "ok". Not real thrilled with it. Starts out kinda boring until you get into the larger hands.

  7. Update…We really like it after playing more. Wife loves it. I bought mine on Ebay for 7.95 free shipping. Lady seller was in Canada. Sadly it cost her 18.00 to ship to me in the states. She was ok with that and a nice person to deal with.

  8. Would you review Take the Train card game? Looks k7nda interesting.

  9. I finally get the rules. I was playing all wrong. Thanks for posting

  10. I thrifted this and Quidler for 1.50 each. Five crowns is good but goes for a bit too long 2 player. Quidler uses a similar system but is much faster and for us more fun. If you find either for cheap they are good games to pick up. Five Crowns is OK, but Quidler is the best inexpensive word game we've found.

  11. very helpful! thank u so much! the manufacturer's two minutes of explanation video wasn't doing it for me

  12. When playing the 5 round, what configuration of runs and books are we expected to have to go out? A 4, plus an extra 1 to discard? Or a 3 and a pair? Are we supposed to get a run or book of 5? This part is a bit confusing

  13. So wait a minute to get a run it has to be the same suit right?

  14. I love this game, but have a question. When you’re going out, are you allowed to have a book of wilds? For example, if you’re in the first round and have two 3’s and one joker can you go out? I was told that you have to have at least one non-wild card in a book/run in order to go out.

  15. our box says this game is good for 17 players. How can only one person play this game?

  16. I actually bought a copy of this game from a Walgreen's store back in late September, and my family thought it was a fun game.

    Overall, good review.

  17. John and Sue who we met in Mallorca, thanks again for the game – we’ve bought it!

  18. Can you have as many books and runs you want or just one ?? For example: 10 cards are dealt can I have one run with ten cards/ one book with ten cards or do I have to have one of each ? It seems to me you can choose based on the cards you have to sterilize this yourself ?

  19. Can I have as many books and runs as I want based on the amount of cards I have ? For example five cards you draw you can only have one book or run because that consists of 3 or more cards ??! Or do I have to have a book and a run always ? I’m assuming you get to choose based on what cards you have like 10 cards dealt I can have one book one. Run or 10 cards that lead up to a book/run??

  20. Please don't be a complicated card game.
    (Typed at start of video)

  21. Bear in mind that if a player goes out, and you cannot use the wild card or the joker either in a book or a run, you better discard it, joker is worth 50 points and the wild card is worth 20 points

  22. It seems like YouTube forces us to watch your video over and over again it starts without us and it's not what I'm asking I want to see if I can play other games with the card set

  23. Picked this game up at my local Walgreens on clearance-I'm a card player so grabbed it. Question: do the value per card points combine when a card becomes Wild or just the Wild card value of 20? Example: 9 is Wild, so if you get caught with it in your hand is it just 20 pts or 20 + 9 = 29? Thanks

  24. Still confused as to how you know which card is wild in your hand

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