how to play “FLAME” #shorts -

how to play “FLAME” #shorts

Katie Feeney
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this game is so fun! let me know if you try it! please subscribe

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  1. It was actually supposed to friends not marriage because u forgot to add s

  2. Its so so fun thank you for telling the game ❤

  3. My best friend I’m going to get married to

  4. I did it with me and my sisters name and I got enemy😂

  5. I got friend I finally got a friend😢🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  6. I tried it with me and one of my friends, I got marry and then I was like “I don’t like this game no more” 😂

  7. Who is going to tell her that there are 4 letters not 5

  8. I did this with my friend Halen and l ended up with love and it is kind of true

  9. "What am i supposed to say?" "MAKING MOFONGO"

  10. I didn’t me and my friend and we only have one letter in common. What am I supposed to do?

  11. Ok ok it is kinda rigged and not rigged take for example I did my sister and her friend and I got enemy 2 days later they become enemies
    And how is personal reasoning.

  12. I got enemy with my enemy so yes this is amazing news by the way my name is Alexis and my enemy’s name is korben he has been my enemy for 3 years and is saved in my contacts as my enemy. The only reason if have his number is for the class group chat

  13. I played this with my boyfriend we got enemy

  14. 👇I did this with my boy best friends name and it was love 😭

  15. I'm so sad i did me and my crush and we are Friends but with my other name we are lovers. No one calls me my other name

  16. I did it but with my bffs name and it was love

  17. F L [A]M E. Affection…….

    Harper/me. 9


  18. Lemme play this game..

    F L A M E

    M=marry ITS MARRY!!

    S O phi E (just a random name)
    so P hi A (also random)

  19. Bro I did this with my crush and got enemy😭

  20. There is also 's' which is for 'siblings'😊


  22. i did me and my bf and i only got "love"

  23. I did this with me and crushes name and got enemy💀

  24. i got marry to and my crush dont like me 😢

  25. But what if the other person has 2 of those letters for example Im Liam and I wanna do it with this girl lamed Ella would I crosss out both L in her name or just one

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