How to Play German Whist - A card game for 2 players -

How to Play German Whist – A card game for 2 players

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How to play German Whist – a 2 player card game. For more card games for 2 players, check out this playlist:

0:00 – Intro
1:14 – Materials & Setup
1:54 – How to Play
5:43 – Keeping Score

Give Small Whist a try. Shorten the deck to 28 cards (8 – Ace). Deal 7 card starting hand. The remaining 14 cards form the stock. All other rules are the same.

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  1. You did a good job explaining and demonstrating the game. Another video left out certain details. Thank you for the video!

  2. I really enjoy watching this. Keep doing you famm, love it❤

  3. My friend! Thanks for the video, i see you still respond to questions here, PLEASE HELP! what happens when you both play aces in stage 2 of the game but neither are trump, me and my partner were playing, both got 6 tricks and last hand was Ac and Ah but Spades were trump, what happens here?

  4. Nice game. We only had to rewind twice to get it. I'll subscribe. Can you play with 4 and use 2 decks?

  5. What happens if you both play the same card but nether one is the trump?

  6. Which deck of Bicycle cards is that, I really like them? Thanks for the video.

  7. This is such a simple but intricate game! I will of course annoy my family into playing a match of this, since the rules are very simple to explain 😛

  8. I like that there is a drafting phase in this game, lots of strategy going on!

  9. Might not fit 100% with the oktoberfest theme, but here in northern germany Doppelkopf is usually the trick taking game of choice. So you could make a video tutorial on that.
    Although… I personally never had a fun experience when playing the game.

  10. This game is mentioned in quite of few classic books. It's been around a long time.

  11. I haven't heard of this version before but sounds like a fun one. I'll have to try it with the kids when we go camping next weekend.

  12. For me it's lightweight California Jack. Pretty nice. Thanks Mark.

  13. I enjoyed the video. I especially enjoyed your insight that when the second phase begins, you really could know each card in your oppenent's hand. I hadn't thought of that. One detail: At 2:30 I am not sure that the 2 of spades would be the best spade to get rid of, knowing you will lose the trick. The 9 of spades might be a better option, since you might want to keep the 2 for later when trying not to win an undesirable card showing on the stock. But — like I said — that's just a detail. Thanks again for the informative video!

  14. to clarify, the trump from the very first deal remains the trump throughout the entire round?

  15. A good clear description, Thankyou. I used to play this at school fifty years ago, but had forgotten the rules.

  16. I know this is an instructional video, but that's just terrible playing…player 2 cannot lose this game…after the QC is beaten by 8H…player 2 plays the AS KS and then JS and wins 2/3…they are now up 3-1…player 1 is going to try to use their big trump advantage and leads with 2H which is won by P2's 9H…up 4-1…P2 then throws KD to try to snag a 5th, is trumped and then plays A K Q of hearts and wins 7-6…

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