How To Play Gin Rummy - Card Games for 2 Players -

How To Play Gin Rummy – Card Games for 2 Players

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I did not include Laying Off in this video because I wanted to simplify Gin Rummy. I also like not allowing the player to lay off in order to speed up the game. Here are the rules:

Once a player knocks and both players show their hands, the non-knocking player (defender) has the opportunity to get rid of their deadwood. They may add their deadwood to any of their opponent’s melds where they fit. For example, if the knocking player has a run of 2,3,4 of hearts, and the defending player has the 5 of hearts, the defender can lay it off onto the knockers meld. This will help reduce the score, and possibly cause the knocker to be undercut.

-Many people play with Aces worth 1 point, but you can play with them worth 11 points too.
-Typically Aces are low. Some people play that Aces can be either low or high. When Aces are played low, they are worth 1 point, and when they are played high they are worth 11 points.
-I play that a run stops at the King, but some people like playing “around the corner”. When this is allowed, players can go J,Q,K,A,2,3 and so on.
-Some people play that going gin earns 25 points, and some play that it is worth 20.
-I play that when a player is undercut by the defender, the defender earns 20 points plus the points for deadwood. Some people play that the undercut earns 25 points.

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  1. See some different rules and scoring options in the description!

  2. I usually play Oklahoma (100/game, 20/box, 10 for undercut) with Hollywood Scoring (rubber-style finish, no rubber bonus). Nice intro.

  3. You played the non dealer 2 hands in a row In the beginning

  4. Excellent video. I have one quick question… When one player knocks, does the opposing playing get one last turn? I used to play a card-game called Golf which also had "knocking", and after one player knocked, everybody else would get one last turn. It made sense to me, but I've never seen anybody mention that in any of the Gin Rummy rules and explanations that I've seen online. I think it should at least be allowed when the knocker was the one who started the round, so that each player has an equal amount of turns.

  5. @4:18 — isn't the deadwood value 29 since face cards are worth 10? The jack, queen, and nine are in clubs but to be a valid meld, there would need to be a king or ten of clubs. That hand has three, unmelded cards with a value of 29

  6. I thought the Undercut gives u 10pts and Gin gives u 20pts.

  7. Am I looking up the correct game of "Rummy" the title says "Gin Rummy" I thought they were both the same? my whole life I have been laying runs and 3-4's of a kind the opponent can play on as well, then count the points accordingly at the moment one player has "Discarded" their last unplayable card. Is there a different aspect of this game?

  8. Yo bro ur the card expert but I think u left some out so if u keep discarding the cards pile up if u see sum in the pile u can call rummy right and u pick up the cards or u might of said that in the vid
    I think u did say that idk

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